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Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips

Simon was born in England where he spent most of his younger years and a lot of the time he would spend his time in the countryside going for walks with his family. From the age of 4 he would bring his camera with him to take photos on the outings. This is where his love for landscape and nature photography stemmed from and there’s a personal connection and relaxes him.

In 2001 he moved out to Australia, in 2008 he got into the motorsports scene and this is when he became a professional motorsports photographer internationally in Australia and in England work published online and in printed form. In 2016 an accident where he broke his back which caused him to do a major change with his photography, Simon decide to go back into landscapes and it was a great decision.

Now he’s able to explore and visit new places he wouldn’t have otherwise done before and photograph them along the way to share with his audience he’s built up over the years. Simon is also a lot healthier because of it and is going well with his recovery. Now he’s looking forward to the future with many ideas and goals to be a travel and landscape photographer being where he’s happy the most. 


Simon's MIOPS pack: Capsule Pan-Tilt Pack, MIOPS Smart+ and Remote Plus.

Simon's socials:

IG: simonphillipsphoto

YT: Simon Phillips Photo