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MIOPS RemotePlus Trigger - Versatile Smart Camera Remote
RemotePlus Trigger - Versatile Smart Camera Remote
$119.00 $199.00
Leave the control of your camera to your Smartphone! MIOPS RemotePlus is a high-speed smart camera trigger which is controlled by smartphone application. It can be used for remote shooting, tim...
Smart Expert Pack
Box includes: 1 x MIOPS Smart+1 x MIOPS Splash Kit1 x Battery1 x Camera Cable 1 x Extension Cable (2.5mm Male-Female)
MIOPS MIOPS Capsule Slide-Pan Pack
MIOPS Slide-Pan Pack
$629.00 $648.00
Capsule Slide-Pan pack allows you to create 2-axis (Slide & Pan) moves easily. You can also use Capsule Slider and Capsule360 separately to create single-axis Slide or Pan moves.  Pack Content:1 x Capsule Slider1 x Capsule3601 x Camer...
MIOPS Turntable Pack
Imagine you need to take the 360° photos of an item. Capsule360 turns the whole process into a few touches on your smartphone. Just tell Capsule360 how many pictures you want to take. Capsule360 ...