A Master Of The Trade – An Interview With Professional Photographer Michael Sewell

We spoke to accomplished British photographer Michael Sewell, Elinchrom Ambassador, and Olympus Mentor, to find out how he’s stayed at the top of his game in a number of specialisms for over 35 years.

7 Things That You Can do With a Wireless Camera Remote

Here are the most awesome things that you can do with a wireless camera remote.

What is the Difference Between MIOPS Smart Trigger and Mobile Remote?

What is the Difference between MIOPS Smart Trigger and MIOPS Mobile Remote? Here are the defining differences between these two amazing products.

How to Capture Lightning Strikes

Photographing weather and lightning can be fraught with peril for those who are unprepared or unwilling to be safe. If you are new to weather photography, here are some tips to help you out.

Discover The Simplest Way to Produce Professional Droplet Images

Water droplet images are a sub-genre of high-speed photography, in which thousands of image makers specialize and regularly produce spectacular creations.

Rocket Man – An Interview With Teslarati Press Photographer Tom Cross

Learn how he got started in such a niche and impressive type of picture taking, and what equipment he uses to capture awe-inspiring images of his subjects leaving our planet.

How to Turn Your Regular Camera into a High-Speed Photography Equipment

Choosing a smart camera trigger with the following features can transform your regular camera into a powerful high-speed photography equipment.

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Powerful Camera Remote

Here are 6 ways how MIOPS Mobile Remote can turn your smartphone into a powerful camera remote and take your photography sessions to a whole new level.

What is High-Speed Photography?

Capturing blink-and-miss-it moments normally unseen by the human eye, high-speed photography freezes motion to reveal hidden detail and show split-second action in all its glory.

Understanding Camera Modes for High-speed Photography Triggering

Here are some of the most important camera modes for high-speed photography triggering, including timelapse mode, HDR mode, sound mode, lightning mode, laser mode and multiple modes.

How Do Lightning Triggers Work?

The power of high-speed camera triggers is so impressive that anyone, even with a regular camera, can capture high-speed lightning events with ease and precision.

Lightning Photography: The « Old School » Way vs Lightning Trigger

Have you ever looked at a spectacular lightning photo and wished you could capture something similar? If so, you should know that it isn't as difficult as you might think.

Fundamentals of High Speed Photography

How are these top-notch photographers able to capture a water splash, a bursting balloon, or even a bullet hitting a fruit?

How to Take Star Trails

This article will dwell on the various ways in which you can be able to capture the amazing night phenomenon of star trails.

Choosing the Right Gear for Lightning Photography

Lightning photography could be an exciting, rewarding and adventurous hobby. Let's see the right gear for it.

6 Tips to Choose the Best Camera Trigger for High-Speed Photography

Would you believe if you’re told that you don’t need a pricey DSLR and rare camera equipment just to master high-speed photography? How? The answer is a high-speed camera trigger.

What is a MIOPS Smart High-speed Camera Trigger?

MIOPS Smart high-speed camera trigger is the most versatile camera equipment that you’ll ever have. So what does this high-speed photography equipment has to offer?

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Camera Trigger

There are different things that you should consider before buying your very first camera trigger.

How to Create Time Lapse Video with Free Software

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a time lapse video using your photos and free software

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Camera Trigger

Here are seven reasons why you should buy a high-quality high-speed camera trigger for an amazing photography experience today.

How to Create Fabulous Crowns with Water Drops

Most of us are not privileged to wear a crown but luckily we can create stunning crowns using watercolors and a high-speed photography technique.

How to Take Stunning Shots of Firework

In this high speed photography tutorial we are going to learn, how to capture the next colorful firework show that is happening in your city and save it forever.

How to Shoot the Perfect Long Exposure Time Lapse

A long exposure time-lapse is a time-lapse in which every photo is exposed for a certain amount of time to create special movement in the photo with an artistic feel.

What is a Flash Trigger? Essential Things to Know

This article will help you understand this vital device especially if you want to fully explore photography not just as a hobbyist but as a professional.

What is a Remote Shutter Release? Things You Need to Know

If you’re still new in the world of photography, you’ve probably asked this common question at some point: what is a remote shutter release?

What is a Camera Trigger? A Simple Guide for Beginners

What is a camera trigger? Here is a simple guide for beginners that lists everything about camera triggers and its applications in photography.

How to Start with Time Lapse Photography?

Time lapse photography is a way of shrinking a period of time into a shorter video made of just still pictures.

10 Tips & Tricks for High Speed Photography

Here are ten tips and tricks if you want to start with highs-speed photography.

Effective Travel Photography Tips for Improving your Photos

One of the most fulfilling kinds of photography especially if you go to a lot of places.

How to Take the Extraordinary Lightning Photos

How to use MIOPS to take photos of lightning and how to make your lightning photos extraordinary.

10 Things You Can Do with a Camera Trigger

A camera trigger is one of the essential gadgets you can add to your camera bag.

How to Shoot Stunning Dancing Colors

A different high speed photography idea to create something totally different.

Triggering Multiple Flashes with Slave Mode

Bringing in a second flash unit to give a burst of light from a different angle can be the difference maker that you need in order to produce that exceptional picture you were looking for.

High Speed Photography Nitty-Gritty

High-speed photography is a technique which freezes these kinds of moments so they can be reminiscence forever.

9 Amazing High Speed Photography Ideas You Can Do with a Camera Trigger

How you can take high speed photos easily with the help of an amazing high speed photography trigger!

Water Splash Photography with MIOPS Laser Trigger Mode

The laser mode of MIOPS Smart allows you to freeze the moment with some help from a strobe.

How to Make Light Painting Orbs

The artistic technique of moving a light source to selectively illuminate parts of the subject or scene.

How to Paint with Light: Light Painting Photography Tutorial

A creative technique that produces dramatic and memorable images.

How to Photograph a Rocket Launch at Night

Learn how to take the out-of-this-world streaking images by capturing the rocket launch.

How to Do Popping Balloon Photography

Find out how you can shoot a bursting balloon at the perfect moment to take some extraordinary photos.

How to Light Glass and Water Splash Photography

Take pictures of glass objects while playing around with the light and reflections in the most creative ways.

How to ​Create Beautiful Color Sculptures Using the Sound

Create beautiful color sculptures using a high speed photography technique.

What is the Best Camera Trigger?

Learn what features an ideal camera trigger should have?.

Long Exposure Photography: Guide and Tips You Should Know

The technique results in a dreamy and often atmospheric image that’s beyond what we can observe with our naked eye.