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7 Ways to be a More Creative Photographer with MIOPS

7 Ways to be a More Creative Photographer with MIOPS

Some photographers can easily capture the best photographs with just a camera and a nice subject to shoot, but there are some moments that are hard to see, more to capture, with just the naked eye. Here is where the MIOPS line of products can help you.

MIOPS products are specifically designed to aid photographers in shooting close to impossible shots. These camera accessories are portable, versatile, and functional enough to also help with making the photography process much faster. If used right, these products can even help with achieving more creative results, which can inspire awe and admiration from your clients and audiences.

Here are some ways to help you focus and improve your creativity as a photographer with MIOPS. You can play around with these activities, and combine a couple or more accessories as you see fit.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


1. Capture better lightning shots.

Say goodbye to blurry and poor lightning shots with your camera, a tripod, and the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger. Capture the beautiful natural phenomenon into one shot by turning on the smart Trigger’s lightning mode, which was specially designed for sudden changes in lightings.

All you have to do is set up your tripod and camera, attach the MIOPS Smart+, and turn on its lightning mode. You can leave the camera, and the trigger will do the capturing for you.

lightning photo


2. Take great action shots.

If you are a sports photographer, you would know that taking pictures of athletes in action can be a nightmare. More often than not, your camera is not reliable on its own, since it can result in blurry photos later on. The MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger can help in this scenario. To begin the magic, set up your camera and trigger onto a tripod and switch the laser mode on. Once the laser breaks because of a movement, like a skater doing a kick-flip trick right in the laser’s way, the trigger will fire your camera.

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capture the actions with camera


3. Experiment with ‘collisions’.

You’ve seen great pictures of food or drinks flying up in the air. You might have also seen pictures of rows of bottles broken by gunshots. The secret to taking fast moments like these is a high-speed trigger like the MIOPS RemotePlus. Its dedicated sound sensor can help photographers capture sound events like collisions with no delay. With this in your arsenal, you can even experiment with a DIY setup.


experimental photos

4. Play around with water.

Thanks to the MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit, taking splash photography can be taken in just a matter of minutes. Traditionally, photographers manually drop water, and pray to be able to capture the precise moment that it hits the surface. With a MIOPS Splash, you can control how fast and how much water drops fall, while also giving you the control over triggering your camera or flash. You can gun for more creative shots by using colored waters, and take photos of drops mixing beautifully.



Controls every drop and your equipment with a great precision.


water drop photography

5. Shoot paint sculptures.

A fun exercise is to shoot differently colored paints bouncing over a rubber sheet on a booming speaker. The speaker’s vibrations will cause the paint to bounce around, giving you illusions of sculptures to take pictures of. Use the MIOPS Smart+ trigger for this application so you can focus on the more creative part of the shoot. Experiment with color amounts, and color combinations to come up with the best paint sculptures. For more fun, you can try the same activity with dry colors or glitters to come up with unique photographs.

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Shoot paint sculptures


6. Play around with light trails.

Light trails are most commonly found in urban night photography. If you are highly interested in this niche, you can invest in the MIOPS Mobile Dongle, which can easily take light trail photographs for you. You will need a camera, the dongle, and a tripod to take steady shots. With the dongle, you will be able to release the camera shutter with just a press of a button on your smartphone. The MIOPS Mobile Dongle can keep the shutter open for as long as 99 minutes, which you can adjust according to your preference. This adjustability can help you decide how long your light trails can be. This application can also be done for meteor showers, and possibly fireworks displays.

shoot light trails


7. Try HDR.

Even if your camera does not have a bracketing feature, you can use the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger to try out high dynamic range (HDR) photography. You can experiment with this if you want to capture more shadows in your pictures. Cameras tend to capture less of the range that our eyes can see. The resulting photos are often more realistic.

To do this, choose your subject (nature photography benefits the most from HDR), and set up your camera on a tripod. Attach the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger, and turn on the HDR mode on your smartphone app. You can fire your camera using the app, and your camera will take flawless pictures in different exposures. It will then combine the series of the picture to come up with an HDR photo.

hdr photography

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 Cameras alone are useful devices in capturing moments. Add any accessory from the MIOPS line of products, and your camera instantly turns into a better, high-speed camera that can capture moments that are difficult to freeze in a picture. With all these accessories’ capabilities, you can focus more on creativity, and less on the technical setup of your cameras. Keep these tips in mind, and do not be afraid to experiment with the accessories’ modes and uses.

However, note that these MIOPS camera gear are just equipment. The greater factor in taking pictures is your ability and skills as a photographer. The tools are just there to aid in your creative pursuit of the best photos, but it is still you who will dictate the quality of your pictures. It bears repeating to say that your tools are only as good as you. You can invest in any camera accessory, but never forget to invest in your skills in order to come up with awe-inspiring photographs.

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