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How a Lightning Camera Trigger Helps You Capture Incredible Lightning Photographs

How a Lightning Camera Trigger Helps You Capture Incredible Lightning Photographs

Capture Lightning Photos with Lightning Trigger (aka Lightning Tracker)

Capturing lightning photographs are probably the coolest thing about high-speed photography. However, many shutterbugs who want to take their first incredible shots of this natural phenomenon realize early on that successfully shooting a lightning event is easier said than done – but it’s only because they don’t have the right camera equipment to make it happen.

There are different kinds of lightning and the most common that you can easily observe during a stormy day are cloud-to-ground, cloud-to-cloud, and intra-cloud. The type of lens you use will always depend on which type of lightning event, but one accessory should always be present if you want to successfully capture these amazing moments: a lightning camera trigger.

Here’s an informative list of how a lightning camera trigger (aka lightning tracker) helps you capture incredible lightning photographs especially if you’re a beginner.


1. A lightning camera trigger has a highly sensitive Light Sensor.

Light travels faster than sound – so needless to say, an ordinary camera trigger that relies on a sound sensor like the ones used for balloon popping photography is basically useless if you want to capture lightning events. However, a lightning camera trigger has s specialized light sensor that focuses on light as a stimulus in a millisecond speed.

A lightning camera trigger is highly sensitive in detecting lightning bursts – events that cannot be easily perceived by the naked eye. These high-speed subjects can be elusive if you’re only relying on your human reflexes to click the shutter at the right moment. With a lightning trigger, you only have to adjust your desired settings and let your camera do the work.

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lightning sensor in camera trigger


2. A lightning camera trigger has a specialized Lightning Mode

A camera trigger designed to capture lightning bursts has a specialized Lightning Mode that ensures flexibility and creativity to your every shot. You’re not just shooting a lightning event – you’re making a more personalized piece of artwork in your photography. How?

Under a Lightning Mode, you can easily adjust settings such as timing, shooting delay, and more. Plus, you can save these settings for future lighting photography sessions so you won’t have to repeat the process all over again.


3. A lightning camera trigger can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth.

Wireless lightning camera triggers give you the flexibility and freedom that you have been missing. The old-school approach to lightning photography often limits your creativity and its cabled and wired characteristics even put you at risk, especially in dangerous scenarios or unstable terrains like when shooting in a lightning storm.

By using a smart device like your smartphone, you can easily control the settings of your lightning trigger from a distance. Connected via Bluetooth, your camera trigger can be set up in any terrain where it can have a clear view of the rarest and elusive lightning bursts.

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camera trigger


4. A lightning camera trigger has a user-friendly mobile application.

The big difference between an old-school camera trigger and a smart lightning camera trigger is the latter’s ability to be connected to another smart device. As mentioned in the previous section, since your lightning trigger can be wirelessly connected to a smartphone device, the same technology allows it to be controlled from a user-friendly mobile application.

Through a mobile software, several features and functionalities can be applied when capturing lightning bursts under a Lightning Mode: adjustments in the Light Sensor’s sensitivity, setting up a Delay Timer and Saving your most favorite settings for similar lightning scenarios.


5. A lightning camera trigger is energy-efficient and can last for days.

Lightning photography can be dangerous and challenging especially that most photographers often venture into the outdoors during unfavorable weather just to capture the rarest and most aggressive lightning events. Sometimes, they even have to spend hours or even days just to shoot the most unique lightning photo possible.

For these reasons, it’s important that your camera trigger has the energy and the efficiency to keep up with the demands of long hours of work. Imagine spending days, waiting for the most perfect photo opportunity only to have your camera trigger die on you just before you accomplish your goal?

Not all camera triggers can handle hours of work but the most reliable lightning camera triggers in the market today have both the features and the capacity to last for days in the great outdoors. You’re assured that no shots are missed and every moment is captured.

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6. A lightning camera trigger can detect lightning activities.

Because of its specialized and highly sensitive sensor, a lightning camera trigger can be used even in monitoring and detecting lightning activities nearby. This can give its owners a heads up for possible lightning occurrences in the area, giving you enough time to set up your gear.

It also serves as a warning device especially for photographers and other people living in areas prone to violent and aggressive lightning activities. The amazing thing is, we’re not talking about a bulky and heavy lightning trigger-warning-device – it’s a compact and versatile unit just the size of your credit card.



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7. A lightning camera trigger is compatible with a majority of camera brands.

If you finally decided to add a lightning camera trigger to your camera equipment, you don’t have to worry about upgrading your camera or even totally replacing your preferred make and model. This is because a good lightning camera trigger is compatible with a majority of the camera makes and models in the market, making it easy for you to do the transition.

This is important because most camera trigger units are just compatible with a few camera brands, and some are even just loyal to one camera maker.  Aside from helping you save money in the long run, investing and staying loyal to a flexible lightning camera trigger helps you achieve consistency and mastery in your skills in lightning photography.

miops smart

8. A lightning camera trigger can do more than just capture lightning events.

A lightning camera trigger is powerful enough to capture millisecond lightning bursts – so imagine how this device will fare when used in other high-speed events? This is because aside from its Light Sensor and Lightning Mode, it also supports other sensors like Sound, Laser, and even has the ability to shoot HDR and Time-Lapse photos. Plus, your trigger unit has ports designed to be paired with other external sensors as well as external flash units.

capturing lightning photo

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