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Smart is a winner.

November 8, 2018

I got the Smart for spring time storms and lightening photographs here in the MidWest. I have found it to be awesome for that and for fireworks photography. I can set it up and enjoy the light show from both of these types of photography.

Ron Lane


November 7, 2018

Just what I needed to get creative again behind the camera. It requires some getting used to, but it’s kinda fun learning how it works. Great customer service too.

Mikey Bramich

A very good device that makes life easier

November 4, 2018

Really like this trigger for astrophotography. It is ideal for star trails. I also use it as a wireless cable release for milkyway shots too. Just wish I lived where we had some lightning. I tried to use the laser mode outside and had issues with the device firing but indoors it fires just fine. I am sure it must be operator error, I just got to figure it out.

James Rippe

MIOPS Smart is worth every penny.

November 3, 2018

The MIOPS smart is one of the better investments that I have made for my Canon 80D. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to use it for Lightning, but have tried it with sound, laser, motion, etc. and it works very well. Even though my camera will take interval shots, the smart trigger is much easier to use and setup. The timer also works well for star trail shots. The one issue that I have had, is getting the timing between the Smart and the camera to work correctly. At times, the camera lags between the time the trigger and subject are interacting. I can’t say if it is the Smart unit or the camera. This poses a problem when trying to sync a one time shot, but it is not consistent. That being said, I would buy it again and be just as happy with it.

Denver N Page


November 3, 2018

This is wat i needed ,working perfect.
Using bij lightig star pictures and more.

JP van Voorst


November 3, 2018

No he tenido muchas posibilidades de usarlo pero hice pruebas con el detector de sonido y son muy buenas aunque acertar con la configuración fue casual ya que tiene dos opciones y no sabia cual era la que yo necesitaba.
El resto de opciones no lo he probado todavía pero lo haré cuando tenga oportunidad

Vicente Peláez Valle

Great product

November 3, 2018

I really love this produt, the only downside is this does not have shutter button. I use this product as a my main shutter remote too. And there is 1 sec delay when i use this as my shutter remote cox the only way is to use timelaple mode and press the buttom with 1 sec delay. Other than that its perfect. I love to use this for product photography and love the lightning photography (sound and lightning mode is my favourite).

Ali Nooradheen

AstroPhotography and Other uses

November 3, 2018

Great product, well made and easy to use. I mainly purchased this to help with my Astrophotography, largely as a remote intervalometer. It works brilliantly and would recommend it – have done so.

The more that you use it, you find other uses.

Living in the UAE, we may have rain very occasionally, so as a lightening trigger, I have few opportunities but will use it on trips to regions that do. It adds little weight or space to my gear.

I am also planning to purchase the MIOPS Drip gear and try these aspects of photography, catching the drops etc – so looking forward to this and also like the look of and applications for the motion range of equipment.

Gavin Wehlburg

Smart deserves its name

November 3, 2018

After a few trial and error I was able to use the Miops Smart and make great pictures. It is a well designed product.

Murat Kunt

Better at buying than using

November 3, 2018

The dwlivwey qas outstandingly fast and I got everyything faster than any other gadget I got before. Now I need time to read and train myself at using it.

Oscar Becerra

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