water drop photography

Every drop matters!

MIOPS SPLASH WATER DROP KIT controls every drop and your equipment with a great precision. This allows you to focus on creativity rather than time consuming routines of water drop photography

Splashes at your finger tips

MIOPS SPLASH is fully smartphone supported. You can change all of the settings remotely right from your smartphone. The Bluetooth connection makes the splash photography easier for you.

MIOPS SPLASH on smartphone

MIOPS Splash drop sizes control

Make every shot
the way you want!

Water drop photography is all about capturing the unique splash of the water drops. MIOPS SPLASH allows you to customize your splash with a full control of drop sizes and timings. You can both try the same scenario several times or just pick another one.

Control every bit of it!

MIOPS SPLASH offers the freedom to trigger either your flash or your camera. You can select the exact combination to capture the splash you always dreamed

Camera Setup

MIOPS SPLASH Water Drop Photography Kit Camera Setup

Flash Setup

MIOPS SPLASH Water Drop Photography Kit Flash Setup

Water drop photo

Uniqueness comes standard!

The fully customization options of MIOPS SPLASH will enable you to capture your unique water drop picture. Never settle with the standard splash pictures.


MIOPS SPLASH HOLDER KIT is the most convenient way of mounting the MIOPS SPLASH on a tripod. It gives you the flexibility on height and shooting angle of your water splashes.

Add to Cart 20 USD

MIOPS Splash Holder Kit

Water drop photography kit

Water drop photography has finally a MIOPS touch!

MIOPS SPLASH WATER DROP KIT will make you a pro in water drop photography. Let the magic begin!


Package Content:



1 x PC SYNC Cable



Customer Reviews

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November 2, 2018

I have had the splash for only a few days I have taken some lovely photos with it. I would like more details on how to use 3 and 4 drops and more videos tips on setting up as it takes ages, but I’m loving it.

Steve Green

Works great

November 2, 2018

After initial hiccups of calculating, This device works excellent.

Guruprasad kadri

The Splash rocks

November 2, 2018

I’ve dabbled with waterdrop photos using eye droppers, turkey basters, and many other DIY methods for years, randomly snapping away hundreds of photos to get a keeper.

Now with the Splash taking precise control of the drop size, delays between drops and being able to trigger my camera and flash, I can spend much more time being creative with different lighting, colors and fluids rather than most of my time just culling a large amount of images for 1 “keeper”.

Jay M

Capturing Drops

October 28, 2018

This is a neat little tool. I am enjoying your MIOPS Splash. I had a little issue setting up my Flash, but I jumped on to your site (Here) and was able to get some great images. Great products and great customer service.
Thank you.


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