About Us

As MIOPS, we are the manufacturer of products that make life easier for photographers and video producers. MIOPS products enable photographers from all skill sets to take better pictures with their already existing equipment. With our continuous R&D effort, our devices feature strong hardware and software capabilities that open new opportunities in photography techniques. MIOPS products always offer features that are game changers in the market.

The company has released several products, many of them featuring never-before-seen functionality. MIOPS maintains a marketplace presence in more than 20 countries. The company is raising brand awareness by participating in major photography events around the world. MIOPS always puts quality and customer satisfaction first.

Innovative Products for Creative Photography

In 2014, we have successfully completed our first Kickstarter campaign for the popular MIOPS Smart Trigger. Thanks to the great support of our backers, we have delivered almost 2000 units worldwide. MIOPS Smart is continuously being updated with new firmware versions and smartphone app releases. It is the most trusted trigger by photographers, when it is about high-speed and creative photography.

Just in two years, we were back with MIOPS Mobile Remote. With the fact that the smartphones are in every minute of our lives now, MIOPS Mobile Remote completed the missing link between your camera and smartphone. It uses the power of your smartphone to trigger your camera in many different ways. This project is also funded successfully at Kickstarter with 275K USD funding. After R&D and production stages, MIOPS Mobile Remote hit the market.

We have completed our last Kickstarter project in 2018 with Capsule360. It will be a versatile motion box that can move your camera in 3-axis. Capsule360 will be our first product targeting video market as well. The product is expected to be shipped at the end of 2018.

With more than 1M USD funds raised in three Kickstarter campaigns, MIOPS keeps meeting the expectations of both end consumers and business makers. We plan to continue with our growth by introducing new innovate products in the following years.

Miops Smart Kickstarter MIOPS Remote Kickstarter  Capsule360 Kickstarter
First Kickstarter project was launched in 2014 and it is successfully funded by 1,773 backers with total $377.035 funding.
Second Kickstarter project was launched in 2016 and it is successfully funded by 2,548 backers with total $275.188 funding.
Third Kickstarter project was launched in 2018 and it is successfully funded by 1,016 backers with total $593.401 funding.


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