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You can order directly from our website using the following link: https://www.miops.com/miops-remote/ or you can order from one of our resellers around the world: https://www.miops.com/reseller/ We ship your merchandise with express shipping worldwide for free. Import taxes and fees may apply. You can expect your MIOPS Smart in 3-business days after your order.

MIOPS Mobile Remote is compatible with the DSLR and mirrorles cameras of most major brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, FujiFilm, etc. The camera must have a shutter release port to be triggered by MIOPS.

MIOPS Mobile Remote works together with your smartphone. The smartphone app offers different modes that use the sensor data of your smartphone. For example, in the motion mode the smartphone camera will observe an area and when a motion is detected the app will notify MIOPS Mobile Remote to trigger the camera or the flash. Similarly, in the Sound Mode, the app will notify the MIOPS Mobile Remote and it will trigger the camera. The notification is done over the Bluetooth connection.

Time Lapse and HDR based modes do not require the smartphone connection all the time. You need the Bluetooth connection only to set the mode parameters. Once you start the mode running, you can simply use your smartphone for other purposes. This is quite helpful for long duration time lapse shootings.

The battery life of MIOPS Mobile Remote depends on your usage, but in general the battery will last for about 1 day with continuous use. You can charge the battery from any USB power source. Don’t leave the battery drained for a long time. This may shorten the battery life.