Don't Miss the Blue Moon Supermoon with Saturn!

The upcoming full Moon is set to rise on the night of August 30, 2023, reaching its peak at 9:36 PM EDT. Saturn, just hours away from its annual brightest and closest approach to Earth, will be accompanying the Moon in the sky.

As the evening twilight concludes at 8:42 PM, look for Saturn positioned 5 degrees to the Moon's upper right. Throughout the evening, Saturn will appear to move in a clockwise direction around the Moon. This full Moon will maintain its full appearance for a span of three days, from Tuesday night through Friday morning.

Why You Should Care?

  •  It's a rare Blue Moon, the second full moon in August.
  •  Saturn will be at its brightest, right next to the moon.

How Sun Moon Expert App Helps?

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  •  Capture the moon at its closest to Earth: 222,043 miles!

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