MIOPS Camera Trigger, Camera Remote & Timelapse Solutions

Earned its value on its first use

December 4, 2018

Pros: very easy to use and even better with mobile app. Quick setup ,
Practically not a lot of learning required for most functions(DIY examples may help understand it better). I had to cameras setup and one was shooting with Miops trigger and the other one manusally by me. So really helps in getting a variety of an even which happens rarely.
Cons: I bought it too late, and the price maybe a little high for most people.


Awesome product

December 4, 2018

The device works awesome. However I would suggest some improvements in the app. You could greatly enhance the user experience by adding an option to trigger the drop kit at user defined intervals with some incremental settings. For example if I want to increase the shutter delay I should have an option to take say 10 shots with everytime the shutter delay value incremented by say 10 ms or so. Please update this and it will be the best gadget in the world.

Ojas Narappanwar

Great, but not perfect

November 30, 2018

very easy to use, allows you to make very particoular timelapse (such as hdr and long exposure) “quickly” and intuitively
the only problem sometimes is that the first shot is made at 1/10, regardless of the time set and the number of shots, maybe it’s just for my camera (sony A7III)


Great product - Fantastic customer service

November 27, 2018

As promised, I received everything within two days, free shipping. Everything works fine and the products is of very good quality. I took the Miops Smart and the Mobile dongle and both are complementing each other very well.
I had a question about cable in order to be just perfect and they replied immediately and they said would send me an extra cable free of charge.
I am extremely pleased with both products and customer service and looking forward to see the Capsule360.

Jean-Marie Brulhart

MIOPS Products Rock

November 26, 2018

I’m in love with my Smart Trugger, but was hesitant on purchasing the Splash unit due to so many negative reviews. I debated for months but finally decided to bite the bullet and buy it. Glad I did. It’s functional and constant. I’ve got the 1st drip down pat. Still working on the other drips to get a umbrella effect but haven’t done it yet. That’s not the units fault. You have a million different combinations you can make and I haven’t found the right one yet. Still I liove working with it abs would recommend it highly. The MIPOS customer service is great too. They’re always glad to answer questions and help.


Still trying the potential - very good so far

November 24, 2018

I bought it to try for long exposure photo and for lighting trigger, got a little lost on the last part as it’s not ideal for that but for the long exposure is perfect.

Marcos Correia


November 23, 2018

I have tested this machine for 2 days, day one was awesome, day 2 I had some glitches and battery level is at around 20%? it came with around 50% anyway.
there is an issue with sometimes the valve didn’t stop and water splashing everywhere.
I got some amazing shots that I always dreamt of, so this is why I named it the Dreamcatcher.
please check some shots that i have posted to

Asaad Saleh

Dream catcher

November 21, 2018

after waiting for years, Miops provided me with a budgetary tool that does the job, I have received my Kit last night and spend the whole night playing, it took me 38 min exactly from the first test to start capturing the drop on drop, once you know the trick it is easy to set up and playing around with the settings will provide you with different and awesome shots every time.
shipment was fast. quality of the items is fine.
I started with water on water, please check the link of the first shot hoping that I will do better later:

Asaad Saleh

Excellent camera accessory

November 21, 2018

MIOPS Smart feels well built. Works really well. Ran tests of most functions. Camera response is immediate. Intuitive simple interface. For me, main use is to exceed shots that need to exceed the stupid 30-second limit imposed by Canon on my 5Dsr. But certainly will also use many of other features, like sound or lightning triggering. The Android APP is great. Would like a bit more info on some of the screens in the APP ( will be submitting a couple of minor thoughts). My only difficulty is the cable that connects to the camera is a tight fit and has to be pushed with extreme force (my thumb hurt).

Eddie Kreil

Multinational Support

November 15, 2018

When you buy this product, also you will have a perfect supports 7/24. I started to use this product with 600D then I bought 6D MII. Just I had to buy new cable compatible with my new camera. I highly recommend to test cruise trip for making timelapse with this remarkable product.

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