MIOPS Camera Trigger, Camera Remote & Timelapse Solutions

Well Built.

November 13, 2018

The “Splash” is very well built and works well with the android phone app. My unit was received with the power switch on so I learned how to replace a dead battery right out of the box! A minor issue as I had the required 23A battery on hand. I highly recommend purchasing the “Splash Arm” as it makes set-up much easier. I can’t wait until my schedule opens up so I can do a more in-depth use of the product.


MIOPS Splash

November 9, 2018

Have only just received this unit, and so a bit early to say too much, but so far delighted with the product. Package arrived promptly after ordering. Have found it very easy to configure and setup. Looking forward to some extensive photography experimentation now that I understand the settings and operation of the unit.

David Croxford

wonderful product. water drop photography is easy and affordable

November 8, 2018

Very good product. Easy to set up and to use. Wonderful picture taken from the first day. intuitive and easy to use app.
My comment: not realistic to trigger camera only, not enough accurate. But works very well by triggerring both camera and flash.
Exactly the product I dreamt!

François Renard

almost perfekt

November 8, 2018

god working my wish is ap allso in german

josef Sauermoser

Very Helpful Accessoire with small Handling Issues

November 8, 2018

This small piece of technique is what I was waiting for my A7 III Sony, as it has no internal Timelapsmode. everything is working great and without issues. There is just one thing on Android. If you start a function, like timelapse, leave the app and come back later to check the progress, there is no chance to get the information. There is just a small tiny stop button left top on the screen showing you that there is something going on and that you are able to stop now, but there is no chance to get back to that screen you started with. Could be improved, but in general a very helpful solution for videografers (all varies of timelapsing) and also photografers (HDR shots eg.)

Stefan Braune

Smart is a winner.

November 8, 2018

I got the Smart for spring time storms and lightening photographs here in the MidWest. I have found it to be awesome for that and for fireworks photography. I can set it up and enjoy the light show from both of these types of photography.

Ron Lane

Patricia Ramírez

November 8, 2018

It has been a new adventure. Still working and trying to get the most beautiful drops ever.

Ramirez Patricia


November 7, 2018

Just what I needed to get creative again behind the camera. It requires some getting used to, but it’s kinda fun learning how it works. Great customer service too.

Mikey Bramich

It just works!

November 5, 2018

When I bought my Sony A7III I wanted a remote that was as capable as the Cam Ranger for my Canon gear. I knew that I would not be able to focus and compose like I do with Cam Ranger, so there were no surprises. I just needed a remote that could handle a variety of situations. And simply, this has been the most reliable and easy to set up system out there. Pairing with my iPhone was seamless. The system performs all functions as advertised. I had a question for support and it was PROMPTLY answered. Really good people running the show. Go buy this!

Daniel L Martinez

A very good device that makes life easier

November 4, 2018

Really like this trigger for astrophotography. It is ideal for star trails. I also use it as a wireless cable release for milkyway shots too. Just wish I lived where we had some lightning. I tried to use the laser mode outside and had issues with the device firing but indoors it fires just fine. I am sure it must be operator error, I just got to figure it out.

James Rippe