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Erik Kuna

Erik Kuna

Erik Kuna is a professional photographer and photojournalist with 20 years of experience in visual storytelling. For the past 5 years, Erik has focused his talents on space exploration, covering SpaceX, ULA, and NASA missions at Kennedy Space Center.

His goal is to create images that help educate people about the space industry, and inspire them to learn more about the beauty of space exploration and rocket launches. His passion was ignited in 2015 by seeing the SpaceX Falcon 9 booster land successfully. He felt like from that moment, he had to be part of documenting and capturing the beauty and inspiration of spaceflight and has never looked back.

Driven by a passion to create images that inspire, Erik works with various media outlets and creative agencies focused on creating photos, animations, motion art and videos that communicate the story and capture the beauty, wonder and amazement of space exploration.

Erik believes that the greatest gift we can give humanity today is to look beyond our current generation to the future of space exploration. Democratizing space for everyone, the next frontier for all of us to explore.

In addition, Erik is a photography trainer and instructor at KelbyOne, an educational membership community with hundreds of thousands of members all around the world. They provide incredible training for Photoshop, LightRoom and Photography accessible to all and made affordable for everyone. He’s also a co-host of a Photography Podcast, The Grid, which discusses all aspects of Photography. 


Erik's MIOPS Pack: MIOPS Smart+

Eriks's Socials:

IG: erikkuna

TW: Erik Kuna

Web: https://erikkuna.com/

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