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James Smart

James Smart

Based in Melbourne, Australia, James dips his toes into a few different types of photography.

Mainly landscape, however he also explores nature, aerial, wide angle astro, wildlife & underwater photography. James has been featured in magazines around the world, from National Geographic to the Australian Photography Magazine. Along side that, he has won a few world class awards for his storm photography.

He loves to see his work hanging in customers homes, providing framed & unframed works across Australia and overseas. Capturing nature at its best, he is slowly knocking off the list, from tornadoes in the USA, to the northern lights in Iceland.

Always out to find new locations for imagery, James will through the swag in the back of the truck and head off for a few days and hope for the best.

When he is not photographing, he is mountain biking, 4 wheel driving and enjoying the outdoors.


James' MIOPS Pack: MIOPS Smart+ and Capsule360

James' Socials: 

IG: jamessmartphotography

FB: James Smart Photography

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