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Nicco Valenzuela

Nicco Valenzuela

Nicco Valenzuela is a landscape, travel, and architectural photographer based in Quezon City, Philippines. His photographs showcase the landscapes and cityscapes of southeast Asia, along with various destinations around the world. His clients comprise of reputable international and local architectural firms and development corporations. On top of his professional work as an architectural photographer, Nicco is one of the most reputable photography content writer/creators in the Philippines.

Nicco’s photography journey started at an early age of 17 when a friend introduced him to the craft. After half a decade exploring the different genres of photography, he found his voice in photographing landscapes and the cityscapes of his home city. His photographs have circulated the globe through various publications and photography content from respected brands such as Manfrotto, Lowepro, Tamron, Venus Optics - Laowa, and many more.

Nicco is also a senior staff writer for the renowned global photography publication, fstoppers where he writes educational and inspirational articles, along with various technical photography gear reviews. Nicco is also a local brand ambassador for H&Y Filters, Sony Philippines and Asus Computers.

Currently, Nicco shoots with various Sony Mirrorless cameras on Manfrotto and Gitzo support gear, and H&Y Filters. Using his MIOPS Smart+, Nicco emphasizes masterful visual design through long exposure effects and photographing lightning. 

Nicco's MIOPS pack: Smart+ Camera Trigger

Nicco's Socials: 

IG: NiccoValenzuela

Web: www.niccovalenzuela.com

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