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10 Things You Can Do with a Camera Trigger

10 Things You Can Do with a Camera Trigger

No matter if you already own a camera trigger or plan to buy one soon, you must have some very interesting ideas in your mind to try. A camera trigger is one of the essential gadgets you can add to your camera bag. It does not just offer new ways to take pictures, but you can also generate very creative pictures and videos using one. Let’s see a list of great stuff you can do with a camera trigger.

Long Exposure

The built-in long exposure capabilities of most cameras a limited to thirty seconds or less. In order to take long exposure photos without keeping an eye on your watch, you will need a camera trigger like MIOPS Mobile Remote or MIOPS Mobile Dongle. MIOPS can keep the shutter of your camera as long as you want with a precision of milliseconds. You can even add a timer to it to start it later.

Photo using long exposure photography technique

Time Lapse

Time lapse videos require a lot of pictures. For a video of one minute at 25fps, you will need 1500 photos. This is a lot. We never recommend you trying this manually. First of all, they won’t be in sync, secondly, your finger will hurt. A camera trigger can complete this job for you perfectly. MIOPS can trigger your camera automatically to take all the pictures you need. You can even define a changing exposure to adapt to the change of the light.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


Light Painting

The long exposure mode of your camera enables you to create very creative pictures, such as light painting. The idea of light painting is very simple. The camera can capture the movement of a light in a dark for the whole time as long as the shutter is open. This is like combining a whole video into a single picture frame.

Light Painting photo using a camera trigger

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Breaking Glass

It is not fun to break a glass in the kitchen, but it is a lot of fun to take a picture of it when you actually want to break it. This is like High-speed Photography 101. You can take the picture of a breaking glass by firing the flash with a trigger. MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger does that by detecting the sound of the glass and firing the flash. The camera will be open shutter so there will be no shutter lag. Beak the glass, let MIOPS fire the flash, instant exposure in a dark room. So, this is how you get your breaking glass picture.

breaking glass photo using a camera trigger

Rocket Launch

The rockets are the masterpiece of engineering. There is not one more sophisticated means of vehicle in the universe. So, they are worth of being photographed. You may admit then you cannot just go and lean to that billion dollar equipment. Only selected people can leave their cameras to take close-up pictures from a safe distance as the rocket leaves the earth. For this task, you need a very reliable trigger. MIOPS can start taking pictures of the rocket as it starts to elevate. In this opportunity there is no place for failures, so you need a camera trigger that you can count on.

space rocket launch photo using a camera trigger

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Lightning Pictures

Have you ever tried to take the picture of a lightning? This wonder of nature stays visible for less than a second, so you don’t have much time to release the shutter. In such a case, a camera trigger can be your best friend. The idea is to eliminate the human reflexes which are too slow to press the shutter release. A camera trigger with lightning function can detect the lightning instantly and it can trigger the camera without causing any further delay. You can use the same trigger to picture fireworks as well.

lighting photo using a camera trigger

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Wild Life Photography

The nature offers all kind of beautiful animals to our eyes, so it is not surprising that there are so many photographers interested in wildlife photography. As we call it wildlife, things can be unexpected most of the time. In some cases, you just cannot get too close or simply we don’t know when the little hummingbird will be coming. So, we can get help from a camera trigger to take the pictures when the wildlife creatures decide to appear. MIOPS utilizes the laser mode for that purpose. It triggers the camera when the beam is broken by an animal. You can implement the same idea to take the pictures of your lazy cat in the home or your playful dog in the garden.

wildlife photography using a camera trigger

HDR Photography

If you want your pictures to have a wider range of exposure, you need to apply a technique known as HDR (High Dynamic Range). HDR is based on combing the same picture in different exposures. This will allow to create a more realistic image. As you have to take the same picture with different exposures, you will take multiple pictures. A camera trigger you do the job for you by changing the exposure automatically. This way, you will not have to change the camera setting between each frame. MIOPS offers an HDR mode with all required parameters and you can even take time-lapse pictures in that mode.

HDR Photography using a camera trigger

Water Balloon

Balloons are very fun to play with. They make a lot of noise when they explode, so we can take advantage of this with a compatible sound trigger. Do you know the first law of Newton. It basically says, objects do not want to move if they are not already moving. This exactly what happens when you explode a balloon filled with water. The balloon disappears, but the water stays there for quite some time more. If you can trigger your flash with a perfect timing, then you can take the picture of some water hanging in the air.

water balloon photography using a camera trigger

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Sports Action

If you cannot spend a day without playing ball games, then your pictures must be usually while playing something. Why don’t you take the extra step and take pictures while you are right in the action? You can take a picture of your self while you are doing a slam dunk or just dribble the ball. You just need a camera trigger that can detect your move or the vibration you make. You best friend may not be always around you to take your pictures, so you can get some help from a camera trigger.

sports action photography using a camera trigger

To learn more things you can do with a camera trigger and see more sample photos, also read 9 Amazing High Speed Photography Ideas You Can Do with a Camera Trigger.

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