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Activities You Can Do With Your MIOPS Gadgets At Home

Activities You Can Do With Your MIOPS Gadgets At Home

Although MIOPS mostly creates gadgets for creative outdoor activities, thanks to their easy to use design they can be easily used for indoor photography purposes too. In these special days where we all spend the most of our times at home, we gathered up 5 essential points on how photographers could interact with their MIOPS products when they are indoors. 

1-Capture the food on air with MIOPS Smart+

Laser mode is used to detect a laser beam and trigger your camera or flash when the beam is broken. You can take outstanding food photographs with MIOPS Smart+ at home by making a food photography setup simply in your kitchen!

Just point a laser from the opposite side of your Smart+. When the food crosses the line between the laser and your camera, Smart+ Trigger will capture the objects on air!

Capture the food on air


2-Point your DSLR out of the window 

When staying at home, it may actually be fun to point your DSLR out of your living room’s window to observe what is going on out there. What’s more, by using the MIOPS Capsule360 you can capture amazing street or city time lapses just in the comfort of your home and let Capsule360 do the job for you when you are watching your favorite TV Shows.


Point your DSLR out of the window


3-Take Advantage of the Rainy Days

The best thing about being home for a lightning photographer is that nobody is going to get all wet when trying to chase a storm and capture a beautiful lightning photograph.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


So when staying home simply point the MIOPS Smart+ out of your balcony, switch it to lightning mode and just continue to take spectacular lightning photos!

a beautiful lightning photograph

4-Spin That Turntable!

If you are a product photographer you can continue doing your work without going to your studio with the use of a MIOPS Turntable.

Just mount your turntable to your Capsule 360, select Turntable Mode from the Capsule360 Smartphone app and automate the frequency of photos to be taken. Turntable rotates in the desired angles and triggers your camera to take the 360 degree photos of your favorite home decor objects!

Spin That Turntable!


5-Use MIOPS Splash for Water Drop Photos

If you are stuck at home and desperately trying to find an activity for yourself, we advise you to grab a MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit.



Controls every drop and your equipment with a great precision.


It is one of the most fun things a photographer could spend time at home in order to take astonishing water drop photos. The unit splashes a water drop to your glass or bowl and takes the photo as the drop hits the surface. Use it with a macro-photography lens to capture many more details!

Use MIOPS Splash for Water Drop Photos
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