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5 Suggestions for Photographers to Do Indoors

5 Suggestions for Photographers to Do Indoors

We know that 95% of the photographers would like to be outside, so staying at home can be a bit inconvenient at times for you. We think that this is the time to invest in yourself and do the things you wanted to do for so long while being at home!

So we have gathered up 5 suggestions that you might be able to do indoors, to spend some quality time with yourself!

indoor photography?

1) Watch Lightroom or Photoshop tutorials online.

Staying indoors could be the perfect opportunity to enhance your software skills. Just open up Youtube and go to your favorite photographer's channel for some tips to get even better in Lightroom and Photoshop. 

indoor photography tips


2) Photograph indoors.

Although this does not seem sensible at first, there are actually a lot of things to photograph at home. You can start with your favorite home decor objects and take a photo of them with intense bokeh in the background. Or you can simply take astonishing water drop photos using MIOPS Splash unit.

Use social media to video chat with friends and family

3) Use social media to video chat with friends and family.

We know that it is hard not being able to see friends and family as much as before. So get in touch with your loved ones through video chatting applications as social distance increases it's importance day by day.



4) Meditate.

We are all going through stressful times sometimes so there is no harm in staying in, making a cup of tea for yourself and meditating to ease your mind off.

Watch the movies and TV Shows you missed.

5) Watch the movies and TV Shows you missed.

You have been wanting to watch a film or a show from your list but you couldn't find time before. Now is the time to relax, lay down for a second and hit the play button to watch your favorite shows.

BONUS: Be a part of an Interactive Social Media Challenge or Campaign

To keep you and your loved ones entertained, simply join a social media campaign with getting in interaction with your love brands, for instance sharing MIOPS Moment photographs to be featured on MIOPS Trigger Profile!

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