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7 Things That You Can do With a Wireless Camera Remote

7 Things That You Can do With a Wireless Camera Remote

Professional photographers and hobbyists know how a handy wireless camera remote can help them turn the most challenging photo shoots into an enjoyable experience. A typical device like this one basically helps you control your camera wirelessly from a distance. However, aside from preventing blurry images and ensuring that you captured your subjects in sharp details, this powerful camera equipment has a lot more to offer.

Whether you’re not yet sure if you should purchase your first wireless camera remote or you already got one, this article will help you make the most out of this amazing gadget and at the same time, teach you how to explore its limitless capabilities in your everyday shoots.

Here are the most awesome things that you can do with a wireless camera remote:


1. Connect it to your favorite smart device: your smartphone.

The technology of a perfect wireless camera remote is advanced enough to be connected to your smart mobile phone device (via Bluetooth). Imagine having these two already powerful products work together to turn your ordinary camera into a more intuitive, versatile and highly efficient equipment?

A smartphone also provides a user-friendly interface that will help you navigate through the different features and functions of your wireless camera remote – plus an option to schedule and time your shots perfectly.

The great news is, your wireless camera remote’s smartphone application (which can be easily installed regardless of operating system) runs in the background so you can still use your phone’s regular function like making a call, texting, to even playing music.

Connect it to your favorite smart device: your smartphone

2. Create a beautiful time-lapse video.

A time-lapse video tells beautiful stories that celebrate patterns, shapes, and colors in sceneries painted through the mesmerizing passage of time. However, adjusting your camera’s settings and making sure you set up your timer correctly can be challenging, especially for beginners – unless you have the right device on hand.

This is where a wireless camera remote comes in. This versatile device has modes that give you more than what an ordinary intervalometer has to offer. With just this single equipment, you can choose and simultaneously use different time-lapse settings and functionalities such as Long Exposure, Basic, Bulb Ramping, and even HDR Bracketing.

3. Capture uniquely candid photos of yourself.

A wireless camera remote won’t require you to hold on to a bulky trigger just to take a photo of yourself. This device gives you the freedom to be creative in taking candid images without the need to manually press the camera trigger just to take a photo.

Capture yourself while screaming, celebrating or even just laughing out loud. A smart mobile remote makes use of your smartphone’s microphone, which will serve as a sound sensor, to capture events with a loud or defined sound. Just set up your camera in a stable tripod, activate the sensor, and you’re good to go.

Capture uniquely candid photos of yourself.


4. Immortalize your most awesome moves.

Do you play sports like basketball or are you more of a skater guy? Whatever awesome move you take pride in while doing the sports that you love, you can capture it without even looking at your phone to take the shot.

Using your smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope, you can easily trigger your wireless camera remote just by shaking your smartphone. Your movement will be a stimulus to signal your camera to take that photo at the right timing.

Even just attaching your phone to a basketball’s pole or to your skating rails, you can still activate your camera’s shutter and take the shot. How? Your phone can also detect vibrations, which will then signal your camera to take a photo once it does – and all these processes will take as fast as a quarter of a second.

Freeze time and capture objects in motion.


5. Freeze time and capture objects in motion.

Do you want to up your wildlife photography game? How about capture exciting yet high-speed events like marathons, horse race, or a bike ride? How about shooting an epic pool dive? Or fast cars racing? With a wireless camera remote, you can easily freeze time and capture subjects even at their full speed.

Additionally, getting your first wireless camera remote can be your much-needed introduction into the amazing world of high-speed photography.


6. Make your road trips unforgettable.

Aside from creating time-lapse videos of your fun road trips with friends or family, you can use a wireless camera remote to take photos of the most breath-taking views – without having to manually press the shutter or even to touch your mobile phone. How?

Using your smartphone’s GPS, you can set specific distance intervals, for example, every 150 meters, to tell your camera to take a picture. This way, you can keep your eyes on the road and you don’t have to check your phone all the time (which is dangerous and really not advisable), just to capture the moments that you want to remember.

Again, all these functions can be operated without disrupting or dominating your smartphone’s screen so you can still play your favorite music, answer calls, or even activate Siri while driving.


7. Schedule specific capturing modes any time.

A good wireless camera remote is advanced enough to remember your preferred and most favorite shooting modes so that you don’t have to set it up over and over again.

There are several modes that a camera wireless camera remote offers and while they are specifically designed to cater to particular types of photography, these modes can be used simultaneously. What’s more is, you can use these combinations and save the same settings for similar subjects or sceneries in the future.

Most importantly, you can leave your camera unattended and just schedule your desired settings/mode any time of the day. This option is perfect for beach vacations, relaxing in the woods or just enjoying a sunset picnic with your family.


Choosing the best wireless camera remote

Now that you have several ideas about how a wireless camera remote can help make taking challenging shots a piece of cake, perhaps the next step that you should take is to find out where you can get your hands on this amazing product.

While there are a lot of camera remote brands on the market today, it’s not guaranteed that you can enjoy the features and functionalities that are mentioned above. If you want to get your money’s worth, then you have to know the difference between an ordinary camera remote and a high-quality wireless camera remote. If you want to have the world’s most versatile camera remote with all the features mentioned above, take a look and discover the power of MIOPS Mobile Remote.

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