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9 Amazing High Speed Photography Ideas You Can Do with a Camera Trigger

9 Amazing High Speed Photography Ideas You Can Do with a Camera Trigger

High Speed Photography Ideas

High speed photography is all about capturing moments that are not visible to naked eyes (READ: High Speed Photography Nitty-Gritty). If you can capture the moments that are impossible to see, it can be rewarding and set you above the average.

In this article, we are going to talk about some high speed photography ideas and how you can take such photos easily with the help of an amazing high speed photography trigger. So, are you ready?

1. Popping Balloon

High-speed photography idea - Popping Balloons

© Ramakant Sharda – http://ClickManic.com

Balloons always fascinate us as a kid. When we burst water-filled balloon, the water inside the balloon makes a shape which is similar to that of the balloon for a few moments and then it falls on the ground. It happens so fast that we can’t see it happening live. With high speed photography, you can capture this moment.

But the problem is that everything happens so fast that it’s very tough to click the picture at the perfect moment. Luckily we have MIOPS Smart trigger which is a sound trigger for high speed photography. By using its sound mode you can trigger your camera or flash as soon as you pop the balloon. It gives you the option for changing the sensitivity so it doesn’t trigger on other sounds and also you can set delay time for triggering so that it clicks at the exact moment you want.

2. Water Galaxy

High-speed photography idea Water Galaxy

© Ramakant Sharda – http://ClickManic.com

Spinning a water socked ball creates a beautiful galaxy shape which looks amazing. To capture this MIOPS Smart have a laser trigger mode. All you need to do is put a laser light and focus it on the sensor of this smart trigger. When something comes between this, it’ll trigger the camera or fire the flash. Again, you can change the sensitivity of the sensor and set delay time. And you can also set it to take one or more shots.

3. Paint Sculptures

High-speed photography idea - Paint Sculptures

© Ramakant Sharda – http://ClickManic.com

We can create beautiful paint sculptures by doing high speed paint photography. When we put some paint on a speaker and play sound in that speaker, paint jumps because of the vibrations and create beautiful shapes & sculptures. Capturing that moment can be very satisfying for your artistic soul. By using sound mode of MIOPS Smart you can click at the perfect moment and because of delay feature, you can control the height of sculptures and create different type of masterpieces.

4. Dancing Colors

High-speed photography idea - Dancing Colors

© Ramakant Sharda – http://ClickManic.com

This is same as paint sculpture but instead of paint we use dry colors and results are as beautiful as paint sculptures.

5. High Speed Water Drop Photography

High Speed Water Drop high-speed photography idea
© Ramakant Sharda – http://ClickManic.com

When light passes through water, it bends in a particular way, and this is known simply as Refraction. We can shoot stunning pictures by using this characteristic of light. For that, you need to create a setup to release water drops and put a picture in the background. When you click, a reflection of the background image will capture inside the water drop. MIOPS Smart’s laser mode can help you to click when water drop is in front of the camera.

6. Water Collision

Water Collision speed high-photography idea

© Ramakant Sharda – http://ClickManic.com

Imagine a scenario when water from two different glasses collides and forms a shape which is that of a heart or for the matter that of a circle. The resultant shape is so ephemeral that one can only imagine it and not able to preserve that image. High speed Photography using MIOPS Smart comes to rescue you to capture the amazing shapes that result due to water collision. You can also use different colors combinations of water. Maybe add color or use wine if you can afford to drain a few liters of it.

7. Lightning Photography 

Lightning Strike speed high-photography ideahttp://damonpowers.com/

Capturing a lightning over a beautiful landscape or behind skyscrapers is amazing but it’s very tough as we don’t know when it’s going to happen and most of the time we miss the moment. By using MIOPS Smart, you can set everything and leave your camera. As soon as lightning will strike, it will trigger the camera and capture that beautiful moment.

8. High Speed Sports Photography 

High Speed Photography comes handy when doing sports photography especially when the capturing some high-speed moments during any of the fast sports on this planet.  A few of the examples for the same can be: freezing the sportsperson jumping on a skateboard or capture a cyclist in mid-air.

Even you can take your own shots doing some action sports. Just set MIOPS Smart with laser trigger and start doing actions. It will trigger the camera at the perfect moment.

9. High Speed Bullet Photography

Capturing a speeding bullet in flight or the impact it creates when the bullet hits with an object like an egg or a wine glass is just impossible because it happens within a blink of an eye.

In next series of articles, we’ll talk in detail about each of these high speed photography techniques.

About the Author

Ramakant Sharda is an author, iOS App publisher, passionate photographer and a MIOPS Ambassador based in the beautiful “Pink City” of India, known as Jaipur. His work has been published in various magazines, newspapers, and blogs. He has published three Coffee Table Books, he writes about photography and also teaches photography in his workshops. Check out his website http://ClickManic.com to see the masterpieces created by him or download his free app for iPhone and iPad “30 Days to an Ace Photographer“.

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