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Effective Travel Photography Tips for Improving your Photos

Effective Travel Photography Tips for Improving your Photos

Photography is an engaging yet creative pursuit of artistic talent that demands a lot from the artist regardless of the tools they’re using. Some might say it doesn’t matter what kind of gear you have, but what matters is how you go about taking your photos regardless of where you are.

Given the many kinds of photography available for pursuit, it’s hard to determine the “best” strategies when it comes to pursuing any kind of photography. There might be however effective tips for you to try out to improve your photos.

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Travel photography, in fact, can be considered one of the most fulfilling kinds of photography especially if you go to a lot of places. Unfortunately, like other forms of photography, it comes with its own sets of challenges given the kinds of limitations you have over your access to cameras and editing software.

This wouldn’t get in the way of getting good shots, however, as there’s always a way to approach photography in a creative yet practical way.

Here are some effective travel photography tips for improving your photos:

Preparation is Key

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Like with any art form, getting the right kind of photo is a matter of imagination, preparation, and skill. Even the most skilled photographers can have a hard time getting the right photo because circumstances just “aren’t right.” However, you don’t have to wait until forever to get the right photo, or to improve your travel photograph. Given the unique and thrilling nature of travel photography, it’s more than possible to be “prepared” for improving photos.

● Get your gear in check, and see what kind of photos you can take depending on the gear you have. Always take this into consideration when going to other places, as you can’t possibly bring everything with you all the time. Consider your limitations, and work around them.

● Practice with prepared photographs. Try to take photos of circumstances or things you want to shoot when you go to certain places. Take as much time as you need in this phase, as you can get to know your photographer personality and style with it.



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● If you have your practice photographs, try to use your editing style with your own editing software to achieve the kind of editing you want your photographs to have. Your ideal result, from the base photo to the final edited version, will be the kinds of photographs to aim for.

● The next step is to create a “shot list,” or a basic list of shots you want to take in a certain place. You can layout this as complex as desired. You can have separate shot lists depending on the terrain or the city, or if the place has an event or a local phenomenon. You can be as creative as you can get, as this is the general list of things you want to take photographs of all the time.

● This is much more important if you know that the place you’ll be going to is known for an event or a circumstance at the time of the year you’re choosing to visit.

● Memorize your shot list and take it to heart. This is important, as you can’t always walk around with your list on a phone or on a piece of paper. Make sure you know your shot list for all sorts of locations you need, so you can make sure you have everything you need on the get-go.

Exposure Matters

travel photographer

As a travel photographer, you may have noticed that you can’t anticipate everything that is happening in your area of choice. Even with a shot plan as indicated above, there really will be circumstances when you’re going to be caught off-guard. Thankfully, you don’t always have to be surprised and have your photos ruined. If you’ve travelled for long enough, you may have an idea on what kind of photos work for certain situations. Now the next best step is to ensure you practice getting these shots all the time.

● Practice at home, try to practice travel photography in tourist spots in your own city. The accessibility of these locations can greatly help save money on your end as you try to practice various photography styles that you like.

● Always condition yourself to be prepared for anything. Try going to a safe place outdoors with your camera and just walk around, and then suddenly take a photograph of anything. If you see anything remarkable, even if it’s dull for someone else, take a photograph of it.

● Strive to have a way to know what kind of photograph fits the kind of things you see around you. This works hand-in-hand with the shot list or plan as stated above. Try to find circumstances when the shot list will or will not work, and try to work your way around it. It’s through constant exposure in these clutch situations that would help you hone your skills.


The photographers at Photos Unlimited CA hope that these tips help you get better shots. You can grab your own camera and your trusty set of lenses to embark on a journey of a lifetime as you take different shots of different scenery, cultures, plants, animals, and even people in the places you go to.

Always remember to keep a sharp eye on the things you want to take photographs of, take note of remarkable things you might be interested in, and always be on the lookout for anything that can catch your interest. After all, if there’s anything thrilling about travel photography, it’s that you can take a step outside and immediately get a scene worthy of a shot.

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Margarete Wormley – Marga is a budding photographer who enjoys getting out and practicing her skills. She loves writing about photography for different websites and enjoys traveling to get the best shot.


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