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How to Capture Sparkler Fire Rings With Long Exposure By Using Smart+

How to Capture Sparkler Fire Rings With Long Exposure By Using Smart+

Before giving the details of our photoshoot to capture sparkler fire rings, we want to quickly inform you about long exposure photography’s basics.

One of the most fascinating genres of photography is a long exposure. If you are a professional or amateur taking photographs with the right equipment you can create beautiful long exposures.

Long exposure is like you are keeping your eyes open for a certain amount of time and photographing and gathering them in just one image. It’s not about “freezing time” it’s more about capturing everything that happens while the shutter of the camera is open.


Long exposure photography is also a very versatile technique. Benefiting from this technique you can take incredible daytime long exposure photos to dreamy long exposure night skies and create magical photos.

long exposure

When you shoot a photograph in a dark room or at night, long exposure is a useful photography technique. With the effects that can be captured with a long exposure you can get high, and even ethereal-quality photographs. 

Along with a high-quality DSLR camera, one of the most important gadgets you will need is a sturdy tripod. You need to be close to moving objects like a sparkler tip of a drill we’ve used in this photoshoot. Because we want all the elements to look sharp, using a wide-angle lens will help you to get as much detail as possible. So our advice is to place your camera on a tripod.

You can choose a small aperture between f/4 - f/11 and set your camera to either Manual Mode or Shutter Priority (TV) Mode and select the speed according to the speed of the sparker on fire and begin to shoot between 1 to 30 seconds. 

What You Need to Photograph Sparkler Fire With Long Exposure

gears for long exposure

Camera Settings:

Camera: Canon 6D

Lens: Canon 24-105mm Zoom Lens 

Tripod: Manfrotto MK190XPRO3-3W

Aperture: f/5,6

ISO: 800

Shutter Speed: 3,8s

Smart+ Settings: 

MODE: Self Timer & Timed Release: 5 secs

camera trigger settings

Behind the Scenes of Photographing Sparkle Fire Rings

We want to remind you that with MIOPS Smart+, you can get the best results and the whole photoshoot process is way more easy! Timed Release Mode of Smart+ along with Smart+ mobile app let a photographer set his camera to long exposure and take a great photo.

The Smart+ camera trigger gadget was positioned right in front of the photographer on the top of the camera. The camera was set to the BULB Mode and then we connected the Smart+ to the mobile app and opened the Timed Release Mode on the app. 

mobile remote trigger

In Timed Release Mode the trigger signal goes to the camera as long as the Timed Release period. How long a signal will go, that is how long the camera will stay in exposure, is determined by the value you entered in the Timed Release parameter.

We selected the Timed Release value as 5 seconds. We lit the sparkler, turned off all the lights to create a dark environment and started the Timed Release mode. Meanwhile, we turned the drill and moved away from the camera. 

fire rings with long exposure

When all the camera and Smart+ settings were ready, we placed a sparkler on the tip of a drill and we placed it steadily to prevent any accidents. So you should also be careful if you want to try to take this kind of photo at home. 



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


To manage to get round shapes we positioned it with an angle. By this means, we captured a great light show when the sparkler drew circles of fire in the air. Photographing the fire rings while the sparkler was turning and leaving rings in the mid air was really fun and visually fulfilling. See the final results and watch the video to get a better idea:

Try and Join the Fun! 

If you are searching for new and creative long exposure shooting ideas by using with Smart+ Timed Release mode you should definitely try to capture sparkler fire rings and you can do it all by yourself.

Place your camera, set the necessary parameters correctly and enjoy your fun long exposure photoshoot. We’ll be happy to see your creations. So please don’t forget to share them with the #miopstrigger hashtag on Instagram and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

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