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How to Create Stunning 360° Product Images with Capsule360

How to Create Stunning 360° Product Images with Capsule360

A picture speaks a thousand words, and if you’re in the marketing and advertising industry, you know very well that how you present your product to your audience can make or break your brand’s chances for success. That is why you have to make sure that you don’t rely on creativity alone to do the job – especially if you’re talking about product photography.

Beyond creativity and skills, having the right tools when it comes to product photography can make a huge difference. However, you also have to keep in mind that achieving the best product images don’t have to break the bank. Most importantly, whether you’re a beginner or a professional, remember that the most effective product photos should be captured in 360-degree images – and you, too can achieve that with just one simple yet highly powerful and versatile device: the Capsule360.




If you want to know more about this device and how it can up your game in product photography, here are some tips on how to create stunning 360° product images with Capsule360.


1. Turn your regular camera into a professional product photography shooter.

You can easily capture 360 product images with a regular camera as long as you have your Capsule360 in your camera bag. Aside from being compatible with the most popular camera brands out there, Capsule360 is designed to make product photography a piece of cake. How?

With Capsule360’s Turntable accessory and motion box capabilities, your regular digital camera can shoot like a pro. As a motion box, it can easily rotate the turntable smoothly while giving your camera the power to control how and when to take a photo at the most perfect timing.


2. Combine the versatility of Capsule360 with the power of your smartphone.

If you’ve ever done product photography with a regular turntable, you know very well how much of a hassle it is to rotate the product or item to take the pictures that you wanted. With manual turning, capturing the product at the most perfect angle can also be stressful and often leads to errors and reshoots.

What if you can use the power of a smart device like your smartphone to easily do the job with great accuracy? Achieving a smooth transition has never been this easy, and you don’t even need an entire crew to accomplish your tasks. With your smartphone and Capsule360, a few touches and adjustments will do the trick.


3. Set the proper lighting and chose your type of lights.

Aside from the tools and camera equipment that you need to have for product photography, you also have to prepare the most suitable studio setup for your shoot. One example is choosing the types of lights that you are going to use for the photo shoot.

Continuous lights and strobe lights are two different types of lights that you can choose from. The former has extreme bright flashes with the speed of a fraction of a second. The latter, on the other hand, basically stays ON for the entire duration of the shoot. It means that unlike strobe lights, there will be no bright flash events.


4. Create a simple yet effective background to highlight your subject.

Your background should depend on the type of product that you are shooting. For small items, choosing inexpensive and easily available materials for a white background is advisable. You don’t really have to spend a lot. A white paper background from your local craft store will do.

For bigger items, specialized stores and online sellers offer background papers of different sizes depending on your subject.


5. Clean your product to avoid post process issues.

Before you finally take your first test shots, make sure that your product is clean and free from dust. Since most digital SLRs can really capture the tiniest spec, dust or smears on your subjects, it’s best to have a cleaning cloth or a lint roller handy.

Remember that doing so will help you avoid problems during post-processing of your images. Aside from saving time, you are sure that you don’t have to go on a reshoot just because you forgot to take this very basic step.

position your turntable

6. Correctly position your product on the turntable.

Always centre your subject on the turntable in order to avoid coming up with a “wobbling” 360-degree product photo. This may seem very simple but it’s the most important step in achieving a flawless product image.

Depending on the shape and size of your product, there are different techniques that you can deploy in order to make sure that your subjects are properly placed at the centre. Mastering them will save you time, but beginners don’t have to worry about making mistakes. Just learn from them and create your own approach for this step.


7. Determine the number of shots that you need.

Typically, product photographers opt for 24-frame sequences when taking photos of products in 360 degrees. But why is this important? The number of images that you will take will actually determine the smoothness of the image’s “spin” as well as the loading speed of your final output.

Through Capsule360’s mobile application, you don’t have to worry about setting up the accurate number of shots as well as the timing of your turntable’s rotation. A few touches and your gear will be ready in just a matter of seconds.


8. Break the limits of your creativity through Capsule360’s mobile app.

Capsule360’s turntable accessory is just one of the most practical and versatile add-ons that make this motion control box powerful. As mentioned earlier, you can use your smartphone to adjust and properly set up your product shoot.

Capsule360 has a mobile application specifically designed to give the users the freedom and flexibility to break the limits of their creative ideas. For product photography, Capsule360 will help you capture stunning 360° product images smoothly and accurately. That means that since you no longer have to worry about accuracy and possibility of execution, you can finally focus on turning your most brilliant but seemingly impossible product photography ideas into a reality.


9. Let Capsule360’s wireless capabilities help you ensure zero per cent error.

As a versatile and intuitive device, Capsule360 has the ability to work together with MIOPS Mobile Dongle – a smart remote shutter release – when controlling your camera. Such a combination will eliminate the possibilities of blurry and shaky shots.


Your new 360 product photography buddy

MIOPS’ Capsule360 motion box is an innovation that can help you achieve the most stunning 360-degree images without relying on expensive and often bulky camera equipment. With its turntable accessory, product photography has never been this fun and easy.



World’s most versatile and compact motion box ever created!


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