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10 Reviews and Tutorials about MIOPS Camera Trigger that You Should Read

10 Reviews and Tutorials about MIOPS Camera Trigger that You Should Read

rocket launch

Every day, people look for the most innovative products that will not only help make their lives more convenient but can also transform how they do and create things. This search for innovation is quite common in the world of photography.

For instance, MIOPS Camera trigger has served as a perfect answer to every pro or beginner shutterbug’s demand for the best technology with the most intuitive and versatile camera trigger in the market since it was first launched.

Here are some of the best reviews and tutorials about MIOPS Smart camera trigger that you should read. Learn why this high-speed camera trigger unit is a must-have in every photographer’s camera bag.


1. How I photographed the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch with sound-triggered cameras by KEVIN LISOTA

Photographer Kevin Lisota was lucky enough to capture the most awesome photo opportunity out there in the open field: a rocket launch! This review tells readers how, even a beginner in the world of rocket photography, can easily capture the most intimidating subjects in action like the SpaceX’ Falcon Heavy rocket.

The historic launch took place in Cape Canaveral in Florida. As an experienced photographer, Lisota knew the unique challenges and risk of photographing this event – but thanks to his MIOPS Camera Trigger, even a rocket launch was a piece of cake.


2. 8 Amazing Photography Tricks You Can Do With a High-Speed Camera Trigger by Ramakant Sharda

Did you know that you can easily transform your regular camera into a high-speed photography equipment? Yes, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to up your game in high-speed photography, and this is just what Ramakant Sharda in this informative tutorial tries to show their readers.

Whether it’s about popping balloons, capturing high-speed lightning bursts or event photographing dancing paint sculptures, you’ll never miss a single shot with the MIOPS camera trigger.


3. High-speed triggers: MIOPS Smart, Mobile & Dongle review by Michael Sewell

Michael Sewell is a commercial photographer who has a deep passion for and a successful profession in photographing product images. While his job requires the skills to curate every photo based on his clients’ needs, the importance of having the right equipment to capture a perfect shot every single time proved to be a crucial factor in his everyday workload.

This review of the leading MIOPS products: MIOPS Smart, MIOPS Dongle, and MIOPS Mobile is a comprehensive and informative article that will help you fully understand everything that MIOPS technology has to offer.


4. MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger Review by Elizabeth Gray

Elizabeth Gray is a photographer with a long list of interest in different types of photography. While she has long been an expert in the field and has learned a variety of skills in capturing the best images out of unique photo opportunities, finding MIOPS and discovering everything that it has to offer totally changed her life.

Gray writes an honest and informative review on her first impression of MIOPS Smart camera trigger, its functions and modes, and most importantly, her final verdict of this unique camera equipment.




Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


5. Review: The MIOPS Smart Trigger Makes High-Speed Photography a Snap by LAYA GERLOCK

Laya Gerlock from PetaPixel is a big fan of how MIOPS Smart Trigger can easily and effortlessly make high-speed photography a walk in the park. With this informative view of how this high-speed camera equipment turned an intimidating type of photography into the most enjoyable and unforgettable hobby, readers can understand why MIOPS camera trigger deserves a place in their camera bag.


6. The MIOPS Smart Trigger – A Review by Rick Ohnsman

Ohnsman’s article emphasizes how your skills and the type of camera you have does not really matter in high-speed photography if you’re not fast enough to capture the most perfect photo opportunity that you have in front of you.

Indeed, the human reflex can only react to a stimulus at a certain limited and forever delayed speed, but with the right device such as the MIOPS Smart trigger, you can be unstoppable. With MIOPS’ power and accuracy to make sure that no shots are missed, capturing fast-moving objects can be a piece of cake.


7. Taking Pictures of Rockets: Remote Triggers, Camera Settings and Streak Shots by Tim Dodd

Another photographer who discovered the amazing world of Rocket photography is Tim Dodd. In his portfolio as a photographer, he already listed 5 rocket launches over the past two years – and these experiences are enough to tell him of the risks, the dangers, the challenges and of course, the wonders of capturing historic events like these.

So how does one really photograph this awesome yet risky event? The formula is always composed of the following: a safe distance from the subject, a good camera equipment, proper timing, and of course, a reliable smart trigger device – and this is where MIOPS Smart camera trigger does its job best.


8. Stop Action Photography with the MIOPS Laser Trigger by Jay P. Morgan

If you’re into Stop Action Photography or if you have been trying to explore this type of photography, then this video and article tutorial can help you capture those perfect shots. How? With MIOPS Smart camera trigger through its Laser Mode feature.

Basically, MIOPS Smart trigger’s laser mode uses its Laser beam sensors to detect movement and motion, giving you the power to capture perfectly-timed movements without missing a shot. And you know what’s more awesome? With MIOPS’ Laser Mode, you can set up a delay timer, capture images even in a dark studio, or even trigger an external flash unit to burst. You know that you’re in full control.


9. How To Photograph Hummingbirds With A Laser Trigger By Rajib Mukherjee

Hummingbirds are one of the most mesmerizing birds out there, and it’s not only because of their graceful flight. The speed of its wings enables them to fly back and forth and their dance mid-air can be quite fascinating – and that’s why they are a popular subject for bird-lovers-slash-photographers out there.

Rajib Mukherjee’s article is a tutorial that will help you capture the most beautiful hummingbird photos with the help of a high-speed photography equipment, and its unique laser sensor: MIOPS Camera Trigger through its Laser Mode.


10. 10 Things You Can Do with a Camera Trigger by MIOPS

Most beginner photographers have yet to discover the amazing benefits of including a camera trigger in their full photography setup – and this article will open their eyes to what they are actually missing.

While MIOPS Camera Trigger is known for its contribution to the world of high-speed photography, it can do more than just help your camera capture high-speed events – and this article will enumerate everything that a camera trigger by MIOPS has to offer.

There’s a reason why a growing list of high-profile photographers choose MIOPS camera products, and why they are highly recommended especially for beginners. Hopefully, this article was able to help you make that right choice of choosing the best camera trigger today.

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