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10 Tips & Tricks for High Speed Photography

10 Tips & Tricks for High Speed Photography

High-speed photography may sound as rocket science to you. It means taking the pictures of high-speed events like popping balloons, exploding items, breaking glasses, etc (see: 9 Amazing High Speed Photography Ideas You Can Do with a Camera Trigger. You may wonder how to be fast enough to press the shutter button as all these things happen with the blink of an eye. Here are ten tips and tricks if you want to start with high-speed photography.

Is it even possible?

Yes, it is. If you own the right equipment, taking high-speed pictures with your regular camera is not difficult. First of all, you will need a high quality camera and flash trigger like MIOPS. It will make the life much easier for you.

Capture popping balloons with Sound Trigger mode

It is all about Light.

In order to capture high-speed events, you will need to control the light. If there is no light, there is no exposure and if you have a very fast light then you have a very fast exposure. The basic idea of high-speed photography is to illuminate the object for a split second.

High Speed Photography Lighting

You don’t need a fancy camera.

You can think that you would need a very expensive camera that can capture 5000, 10000 frames per second, but you don’t. As we will be controlling the light, the camera has very little affect on the whole process. In most cases, your current camera will not need an upgrade.

The flash unit is the key member.

As we will be controlling the exposure with light, you need a flash unit that you can count on. It will be helpful if it has a trigger port, so you can trigger it externally. A standard sync port is all you need. You must be also able to control the power of the light.

We need very little power.

In order to keep the flash duration very short, we need to keep the power of the flash as low as possible. A high-power flash needs more time to appear and then to disappear. We don’t have much time. We need the light to disappear as quickly as possible. Lower that power setting now!

High Speed Photography Flash Power

Come to the dark side.

We will illuminate the object with a very short flash and we have very little time. We don’t want wait for the shutter of the camera to open, so what do we do? We open it beforehand. If we want to open it beforehand, we need darkness. We will work in a dark room to avoid light other than off the flash.

Love the BULB mode.

We need to keep the shutter open at least for a duration longer than the event. The best way of doing this is the BULB mode. You can keep the shutter as long as you want. You may want to keep a timer to avoid camera after the shutter button press.

Let’s make some noise.

We don’t have light, we don’t see what is going on. How can we trigger the camera? We have sound. When a high-speed event happens, it usually makes a lot of noise. MIOPS Smart can detect the presence of the sound and it will trigger the flash to create the exposure.

Popping Balloon High Speed Photography

How about timing?

Timing is everything. You need to fire the flash with a prefect precision. MIOPS Smart allows you to define a delay before firing the flash. This way, you will give enough time to the bullet to travel through the apple. Look, we are now even waiting for the bullet to get some distance.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


You need the best trigger

In order to do all these things easily and without the hassle, you will need the best trigger in the market. MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger offers all the functionality with great precision to achieve the best results. It will open you a new area in your photography skills.

MIOPS Smart High Speed Camera Trigger

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