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8 Reasons Why a Motion Control Box is a Must-have for Videographers

8 Reasons Why a Motion Control Box is a Must-have for Videographers

Whether you’re a professional or a newbie to the world of videography and filmmaking, it’s important that you have the right camera equipment in order to fully master your craft. Aside from all the basic gears that you’ll need to get your hands on, did you know that there is one device that can make all the difference in filming unique, smooth, and professional-level videos?

And what’s impressive is, you can achieve all these even with just a regular camera.

motion control box

What is a motion control box?

The motion control box has been a new go-to device for most filmmakers and videographers in order to achieve smooth and precisely controlled camera movements when shooting a particular video scenario. Most motion boxes are remotely controlled and follow movements set in a predetermined direction. Typically, camera motion rigs used by many people in the trade are capable of performing motions like 360-degree panning, tilting, and sliding.

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If you’re planning to fully experience videography and create the most unique videos out there, then the motion control box should be in your camera bag. If you’re still not convinced, let this article change your mind.

Here are the reasons why a motion control box is a must-have for videographers like you.


1. It will help you produce professional-level videos – even with a regular camera.

Regardless of the type of video recording device you have, using a motion control box can help you create professional-level videos. This device can be compatible with mirrorless cameras, SLR, or even your smartphone, allowing you to produce a wide variety of projects at a lower cost.

Whether you’re into photography, videography or both, your video recording device can deliver the most unique and creative results, thanks to the different functions that a motion box can offer.


2. A motion box has the necessary modes and function for a complete video shoot.

Speaking of functions, a versatile motion box will help you create professional-level videography effects. For a more dramatic shot, for instance, you can opt for a smooth panning movement. Other options include tilts as well as slides. High-quality motion boxes even let you combine all these modes to create a more dynamic result.

As mentioned earlier, a motion box can be operated wirelessly – either using another smart device such as your smartphone or if used as just a standalone gear. As an automated technology, it can help you think of more creative movements to add more excitement to different scenes, with options that let you control both the speed and direction.


3. It will help you think outside the box – giving you the chance to create your own motion sequences.

Aside from having the right tools as a videographer, relying on one’s creativity can make a huge difference. With the right motion box, you are not only limited to a fixed movement repetition.

A smart and versatile motion box has the ability to learn motion paths and movement sequences. In other words, you can manually guide your motion box what to do, by just using the power of another smart device, your smartphone, to complete the action.

Using your smartphone’s built-in sensors, a motion box can replicate your own motion – with the option of speed configurations and adjustments.

connected to mobile app

4. It can be connected to your smartphone to create the ultimate equipment.

As mentioned in the previous sections, your smartphone can be easily connected to a motion box in order to create a more powerful device – and compatibility won’t be a problem. iOS and Android users can easily combine these gadgets and use them as one ultimate equipment in producing unique videos and films – without breaking the bank.

A motion box has the specialized user-friendly mobile application that triples its capabilities compared to just using it as a standalone device. From controlling the speed and direction, combining different motions, smart object tracking, to even saving your preferred settings for future use, the possibilities are limitless. Just connect your motion box to your smartphone via Bluetooth and let your creativity do the rest.


5. It enables you to take create the perfect time-lapse videos and sequences.

Timing, accuracy and spectacular framing are three factors that you will need when taking a perfect time-lapse video – and a motion box does its job best. You can also add more excitement to your shoot, adding motion to your time-lapse exposure sequences can deliver mesmerizing results.

This is because advanced time-lapse effects like interval ramping, bulb ramping, and even HDR and long-exposure options are possible with a versatile and intuitive motion box.

6. A motion box makes astrophotography a piece of cake.

It can be extremely challenging to take on astrophotography especially if you’re a beginner, but did you know that a motion control box can help you keep track of the night sky without having to spend thousands of dollars for additional camera equipment?

A motion box has the ability to automatically capture and track the motion of specific stars precisely and in high-definition. With a motion control box, expect sharp photos of these night sky jewels without worrying about the usual streaky trails.


7. It will make you capable of undertaking challenging video and photo projects.

Even with a regular camera and video recording equipment, you can finally take on challenging video and photo projects such as product photography, 360 Panorama shot, smart-subject tracking, HDR and time-lapse photos and videos, astrophotography, and more.

Most importantly, a motion control box can be paired with other accessories and devices to double its creative potential. Whether it’s for a small or a big project, imagine what filmmakers and photographers like you can accomplish by just having this camera equipment handy?




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8. For a small and portable device, a motion box has a lot to offer.

A smart motion box can weight as light as 250 grams each, with a maximum dimension of 105 millimetres. In other words, it can easily fit in your already bulky camera bag. The impressive part is, this relatively small device has a lot to offer.

Different motions and movements are available like 360-degree PAN, TILT, SLIDE, combinations of PAN-TILT, SLIDE-PAN, and SLIDE-TILT, and even activating these motions simultaneously are possible. Even with all these modes, you can still expect longer endurance and battery life (8 hours for shooting videos and 7 days if used for time-lapse motions).  What’s more is, a motion box can also be paired with an external power source for much longer shooting hours – or days.


So what are you waiting for? You don’t need to upgrade your video recording device to create the most unique and professional-quality videos and films. All you have to do is to find the right motion control box that can suit your creative and practical needs as a videographer. The good news is, you have to option to take that first step today. Discover why MIOPS latest product Capsule360 is the world’s most versatile motion box ever created.

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