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How to Create a Long Exposure Light Tree Photograph With LED Lights

How to Create a Long Exposure Light Tree Photograph With LED Lights

Long exposure photography and long exposure techniques have become very popular in the past few years thanks to the increase in low-priced and high-quality gadgets like photography filters. 

Long exposure techniques can be used both indoors and outdoors. Both urban environment and studio or home are the places to capture the perfect long exposures. We have preferred to stay indoors for this photoshoot.

Few Things You Need to Do Before Start Shooting

You need to decide your shooting location beforehand. You can photograph a seaside, a river or moving clouds from a distance if you have a chance to. But as we mentioned before, creating a studio or home environment for this kind of photography is another option when we think of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Using a tripod is important when photographing landscapes or freezing the fast happening moments is important to get the most beautiful results. Before starting the shoot mount your camera on a tripod and install the accessories such as MIOPS Smart+ remote trigger and the filter holder.

camera trigger

After refining your composition If you are using your camera in autofocus mode, half-press the shutter button, focus on the subject then lock the focus. If you want to use manual focus, half-press the shutter button, push the lever from Autofocus to Manual mode, and use the lens' focus ring to make the necessary adjustment.

Set your camera to Manual (M) mode or Aperture Priority (A/Av) mode then set the aperture to the appropriate value to photograph the scene. For landscapes, we suggest between f/8 and f/11. Don’t forget to take a test shot before start. When you get the correct exposure you can start the actual shooting. You can benefit from this histogram to find the right exposure. 

It’s time to add your Neutral Density (ND) filter. Take a look at this article to find out how ND filters work. After that, set the shooting mode on the BULB (B). We assume that you are using Smart+ Self-Timer mode the shutter will stay open during the specified timed-release value.

Keep that in mind, if you are indoors, creating a dark-colored backdrop and room is crucial if you want to capture the best long exposure shots. Thus you can photograph every minor detail.

smart+ settings

Camera Settings:

  • Camera: CANON 6D
  • Lens: CANON 24-105 MM
  • Tripod: Manfrotto MK190XPRO3-3W
  • Aperture: 24mm
  • ISO: 800
  • Shutter Speed: BULB mode. Shutter stayed active during the time-release value 

Smart+ Settings: 

MODE: Self Timer & Timed Release


Self Timer: 0.5s

Time Release: 0.4s

Let’s Begin to Create a Light Tree!

How Can You Use a LED to Create A Great Long Exposure Light Tree Photo With Smart+ Self-Timer Release Mode

As we all know, LED lights are especially used for house decoration and illuminating the surroundings but it can be a really useful material for a studio long exposure photo shoot. If you love to photograph shiny and colorful objects in long exposure this will also be a better option for you, too! 

You can handle taking this kind of photo all by yourself. MIOPS Smart+ self-timer mode will be your usher along with the photoshoot. With the Smart+ mobile app, you can set your camera to get ready for a long exposure shot remotely and easily! 



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


We placed the LED light on the ceiling and attached a weight to it. When the photographer turned the LED strip light around him, he captured the trails and parallel circles the light left behind in the air. 

Smart+ was mounted to the camera and the camera was placed with a Manfrotto tripod in front of the photographer. When the camera was in BULB mode we connected the Smart+ via its mobile app. Then on the app, the Self Timer & Timed was opened. 

smart+ mobile app

This mode is used to trigger the camera during the self-timer parameter value. First, you need to set time-release parameters and let the Smart+ do the rest of it.

We set the time-release parameter to 4 seconds. Right after the photographer began to turn the LED strip that hung from the ceiling around him, he started the Smart+ Self-Timer mode from the mobile app. While he was arranging his posture within a 5 seconds self-timer period, later the camera began to shoot. 

For 4 seconds, the camera continued to take photographs of the strip's parallel movements, which looked like a light tree. After 4 seconds the long exposure shot was completed and we achieved a perfect long exposure light tree photo! Please take a look at the final footage and tell us your thoughts.

creating light tree with long exposure

Definitely Try This at Home, It’s really fun! 

If long exposure photography is your favorite, take a LED strip, hang it on the ceiling, and with Smart+ Self-Timer mode create the most beautiful light tree photograph. If you’re alone it’s no problem. Mount your camera, set the parameters correctly and enjoy your photo shoot. 

Watch the video:

Don’t forget to share your comments, video suggestions, and light tree photographs with us on Instagram with the #miopstrigger hashtag. See you in a new article! 

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