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How to Use MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger: 11 YouTube Videos to Watch

How to Use MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger: 11 YouTube Videos to Watch

Have you ever wondered how professional and seasoned photographers capture the images and photos that they are most known for? From rocket launch photography, wildlife photography, product photography, splash, lightning photography, glass, and balloon popping photography, the following high-speed photography video tutorials will help you explore and experiment on all the creative possibilities that MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger can offer.

Here are some of the most interesting and informative YouTube video tutorials about MIOPS camera trigger that you should watch right now.


1. Using the MIOPS Trigger to capture dynamic images at the perfect split second! by Karl Taylor

For time-lapse, liquid crashes or motion photography, Karl Taylor relies on one tool combination that has become an inevitable part of his complete camera setup: the MIOPS Smart camera trigger and MIOPS Smartphone application.

Watch and find out how he makes use of MIOPS’ unique hardware (standalone trigger unit) and software (Smartphone app), its several scenarios (lightning, sound, laser, or even custom scenarios) to capture specific and dynamic moments that he is known for. Plus, watch some behind the scenes footage from his studio, his planning and preparations for regular and simple splash photo shoots.


2. Quick and easy splash shot with one speed light! – EP#004 by Karl Taylor

Is it possible to take a splash photo with your regular DSLR and just one speed light? Product photographer Karl Taylor shows you how in this fun video of the step-by-step guide to successfully execute splash photography using the right lighting, the light diffusion tool, a speed light, and most importantly, MIOPS’ Sound and Laser trigger features.


3. MIOPS Overview & High-Speed Photography How-to by PhotoRec TV

This video is an overview of the different scenarios of MIOPS and its built-in sensors (like light, sound, and laser) and it’s also a tutorial on how to use MIOPS trigger in a complete water balloon  popping photography setup using  a regular camera with manual control, an external flash unit, and a trigger unit in a dark location.

Additionally, the video emphasizes MIOPS’ ability to be connected to other types of external flash units and other additional sensors that detect motion, distance, temperature, and even pressure, thanks to the availability of an accessory port on the device.


4. MIOPS ‘Smart’ Camera Trigger Review and How to Use – Best Trigger Ever? by Ross Jukes Photography

Photographer Ross Jukes presents a video review of the MIOPS Smart Camera trigger and everything that it can do to help beginner and professional photographers capture movements and high-speed moments.

The video also introduces MIOPS’ trigger features, its different scenarios, and how the MIOPS intuitive smartphone application can provide exceptional control (such as exposure value and time delays) of one’s photography and creativity.


5. Wildlife Photography Using a Laser Trigger by The Slanted Lens

Photographer Jay P. Morgan is a big fan of MIOPS’ laser trigger and this video shows just how this intuitive device can capture wildlife photos such as a hovering hummingbird, hassle-free.

Have you ever tried photographing hummingbirds only to find yourself stressed out and frustrated? This video tutorial will help you understand how to plan and prepare the proper background and equipment setup, choosing the right camera lens and setting, the ideal lighting, how to position and aim the laser beam, and most importantly, the how to edit and process the final raw images.


6. Stop Action Photography with the MIOPS Laser Trigger by The Slanted Lens

Using the MIOPS trigger’s laser sensor, this video will show you how to set up water splash photography’s studio setting, lighting and camera settings.

More importantly, Jay P. Morgan’s video tutorial will help you understand how MIOPS’ trigger can be set up by properly positioning the laser beam and by adjusting the delay timer to specifically capture the photographer’s desired point when the water hits and splashes on the subject.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


7. High-Speed Photography – How to Shoot a Light Bulb. Literally by The Slanted Lens

The MIOPS Trigger has a highly sensitive sound sensor that can help your camera easily capture high-speed moments – like a shattering light bulb from being shot by an actual BB Gun.

This is how Jay P. Morgan created the dark studio set up, lighting positions, and adjusted his camera settings and activated his MIOPS trigger to achieve this interesting glass breaking photography shots of an exploding light bulb.


8. MIOPS Smart for rocket launches, reviewed by Tom Cross

Rocket launch photographer Tom Cross shows his fans how he successfully shoots dangerous rocket launch events using MIOPS Smart Trigger’s user-friendly interface, remote and wireless control, long lasting battery life, and most importantly, its high-speed photography capabilities.

Here, he presents how you can use the intuitive MIOPS camera trigger and MIOPS Smartphone apps to fully control your camera to activate through a wide range of sensor sensitivities such as Sound.


9. HDR Photography with the Miops Trigger by Seawildearth

MIOPS Trigger is not just a high-speed photography equipment but it’s also an intuitive solution to the demands of high-quality images for HDR Photography.

From adjusting the correct HDR mode settings of MIOPS, (+,-) exposure values, camera settings, and image editing, this video tutorial will help you capture the beautiful images that your eyes see and transform them into high-quality photos using any regular camera and MIOPS’ HDR mode.


10. MIOPS Trigger Timelapse Shoot and Edit by Seawildearth

Capturing Time-lapse sequences has never been this easy, thanks to this video tutorial that focuses on the planning, shooting and editing images (using LRTimelapse Pro 4.3 and Adobe Lightroom) for this mesmerizing photography technique.  Most importantly, this video highlights MIOPS trigger as a crucial tool to prepare and execute a successful time-lapse photography setup.

If you’re new to time-lapse photography, this step-by-step time-lapse photography tutorial will teach you how to make use of MIOPS’ time-lapse mode and its several adjustable features that can control the interval, number of exposure, quantity limit of shots that your camera takes.


11. MIOPS Trigger – Laser Beam Mode Tutorial by Seawildearth

From fast-moving subjects to the most elusive wildlife, MIOPS camera trigger is an important tool that you should have to get your hands on.

This video tutorial shows its viewers how to use MIOPS Trigger’s Laser mode, with its capability to create a “camera trap” used to trigger your camera every time the subject (in this video, a person on his skateboard) breaks the laser beam from an external laser pointer.


Most importantly, this video will teach you how to adjust the Threshold, Time Delay and number of Frames through MIOPS trigger unit and its user-friendly interface.

May these video tutorials help you explore the limitless possibilities that MIOPS Smart Camera trigger has to offer. If you want to know more about this intuitive and highly versatile device that can take your photography to the next level, visit our online store and explore our products.

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