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What Equipment are Necessary for Time-lapse Photography?

What Equipment are Necessary for Time-lapse Photography?

Time-lapse photography is one of the most ambitious photography techniques that many photographers and videographers invest in. You cannot call yourself a pro if you have never successfully created an emotionally-connecting time-lapse video.

Nowadays, time-lapse videos are among the latest trends in films, ads, and even television shows. With the available equipment and software around, upgrading the quality of time-lapses has become easier for photographers. Also, more digital tools and accessories that have been developed lately are helping film and photography enthusiasts achieve stunning time-lapse outputs.

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There are many gadgets available to help you bring your time-lapse projects to a higher level. Although there are some which are so expensive, there are tools which are less costly. Of course, in choosing time-lapse photography equipment, quality is one of the guidelines that you need to consider if you want professional-looking outputs.

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If you are new into time-lapse photography and you are wondering what are the necessary tools, then you are in the right place. I will provide you with all the ideas you need to be able to begin your new endeavor.

Time-lapse Equipment Guide

If you are a DSLR photographer, then you probably have the most basic equipment needed to start time-lapse photography. They are the following:

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Intervalometer
  • Neutral density (ND) filters

In case you already have these gear in your pack, then you are ready to start. However, these are the specific types of tools that can help you achieve the perfect time-lapse. Here are the pieces of equipment you need for time-lapse shooting and the information you have to find out about them.

Time Lapse Photography MIOPS Smart

1. Camera

Although you can use almost any camera, as long as its system can support high-speed shoots, the DSLR is the most recommended for time-lapse. It can give you better quality and easier control.

2. Tripod 

All time-lapsers need a sturdy tripod. You need stable support since your camera has to stay in a single position for a certain period (may last up to several minutes or hours). Usually, you will need long exposure shots, and your tripod’s quality can affect video stability.

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3. Intervalometer

This remote controller is an important gadget to set time-lapse sequences. It allows you to control the number of shots, the interval time in-between, and the length of exposures.

MIOPS RemotePlus is more than just your ordinary intervalometer. It is a handy accessory that can make time-lapse photography easier. This is an advanced camera trigger with smart features. With this device, you can use your smartphone while it is taking Timelapse frames.

Controlled by a smartphone app, this remote also allows both mirrorless cameras and DSLR to take high-speed shots, which are triggered by light, sound, or anything that crosses the laser beam. 

4. ND filters

These filters are helpful if you want to achieve excellent results. With them, you can take advantage of more open apertures. For this reason, even when it is too bright, time-lapse and long exposure shots become more attainable. Circular threads are the most common ND filters, but it is advisable that you also buy square filters for any types of lens.

5. Memory cards

Time-lapse photography requires high-speed memory cards. This method has a very high memory consumption, with each shoot usually taking a hundred MB or a few GB. For this reason, it is important that you check first the number of images that your memory card can store so you can find out how many shots can be recorded in it.

Time Lapse Photography MIOPS Capsule360

6. Motorized head and slider

One accessory that can help you with the movements you need in your time-lapse shoots is the motorized head. Originally, this tool is used as an astronomical telescope holder, but it can also be resourcefully used to do pans and tilts in time-lapse. This is a real money-saver for photographers.



World’s most versatile and compact motion box ever created!


You also need a motorized slider to add creativity and dynamism to your time-lapse. This accessory allows your camera to move very slowly along a rail. There are some models that have advanced features, like high-accuracy repetitive motions, 3D modes, HDR, and panning.

MIOPS Capsule360 is a versatile motion box which does not only make rotating time-lapse possible. But it has also other advanced features such as HDR, speed ramping, bulb ramping, and long exposure. It can function as a motorized slider, along with the Capsule Slider. It allows photographers and videographers to create Pan, Tilt and Slide moves easily. 

7. Wide-angle zoom

The most advisable lens for time-lapse photography is the wide-angle zoom since it can capture best the usual subjects for time-lapse, like the cityscapes, landscapes, seascapes, and the starry night.

Time Lapse MIOPS

8. Extra batteries

Time-lapse shoots could last for many hours, so one battery is not enough for your camera. You need to be ready with a bagful of extra batteries, especially if you have to shoot in very cold locations, where they are emptied sooner. It is also best if you buy original batteries because they last longer.

9. Cleaning tools 

Never forget your cleaning kit with you because you will need to wipe clean your materials from time to time, especially the camera’s lenses, filters, and sensor. The dust and other dirt particles that could stick on them during your time-lapse shoots can create frustrating effects on your images. Your kit must include lens tissue, a blower, and some sticks for the sensor.

10. Backpack

Your equipment will need the right bag to protect them. Make sure to choose the backpack where all your tools can fit perfectly—not too loose nor too crowded. Most of the suitable photography backpacks are quite costly, but they are worth the investment since they will keep all your gadgets safe and more long-lasting.

Time Lapse Photography 

Check Out MIOPS

There are other tools and accessories that can make your time-lapse experience easier, more practical, and more successful. If you want to search for the top quality but less expensive photography gadgets, then you can check out our shop for more amazing products.

Moreover, you can find more photography and videography tips from our blog. We, at MIOPS, are excited to share with the rest of film-makers and photography enthusiasts all the knowledge and advanced technology we have discovered in this art. So, what are you waiting for? Follow us on social media and get the latest updates from MIOPS.

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