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What is MIOPS Camera Trigger?

What is MIOPS Camera Trigger?

For all the years that it has been out in the market, the popularity of MIOPS camera trigger has reached global status. Hobbyists, newbie shutterbugs, and even professional videographers and photographers have discovered the amazing possibilities offered by the world’s most versatile camera trigger devices.

What is MIOPS camera trigger and what makes it one of the must-haves for anyone who wants to fully explore the world of capturing photos one click at a time? Here are the answers to your questions.

MIOPS Smart Trigger

1. MIOPS camera triggers are the world’s most versatile trigger devices.

There is a long list of features and functionalities that MIOPS camera triggers offer to any type of photographer and videographer. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the versatility of MIOPS devices can help you easily and efficiently upgrade your skills in the different types of photography like lightning photography, HDR, Time-Lapse, waterdrop photography, and in capturing other high-speed events.

2. A MIOPS Camera trigger can either be a remote trigger or a smart standalone trigger.

With or without your smartphone, you can enjoy the benefits of using MIOPS’ high-speed trigger technology. There are two main products that can do just that: MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger and MIOPS Mobile Remote.

What is the difference between the two? The main answer is focused on how they interact and work with other smart devices specifically, the smartphone, as a combo-equipment (both for MIOPS mobile remote and MIOPS Smart) or as a standalone device (MIOPS Smart).

Choosing between them will solely depend on your needs as a photographer and the type of photography that you want to master.

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MIOPS Smart for High Speed Photography

3. A MIOPS Camera trigger is your best lightning photography buddy.

MIOPS Smart and MIOPS Mobile remote have the power to turn your regular digital SLR into a high-speed camera that can capture challenging subjects such as lightning bursts. In fact, they are not just designed to be compact and portable camera trigger units but they are also developed to customize every possible shot during a lightning event. How? Through its Lightning Trigger mode, advanced Light Sensor, and other adjustable settings like Light sensor sensitivity, delay timer, and event lightning event detector.

For MIOPS Mobile remote, this feature can be accessed through MIOPS Mobile App while MIOPS Smart offers such functionalities through quick access on the device itself.

4. MIOPS Camera triggers have a dedicated mobile application.

As mentioned earlier, MIOPS camera trigger can be paired with another smart device like your smartphone to double or even triple its power and performance. Thanks to a well-designed mobile application which can be installed in either iOS or Android devices, you can break the limits of your creativity and come up with a completely unique image every single time you click that shutter.

What is more interesting about this mobile application is the flexibility and customizable settings that it offers. Aside from choosing from different modes like Sound Mode (to detect loud events), Vibration Mode (best for capturing a tough slam dunk), Motion Mode (for sports photography or wildlife photography), you can also use a combination of these modes through the Scenario Mode.

Road-lapse modes, time-lapse modes, and even HDR modes can also be accessed in the camera trigger mobile app for easier and hassle-free photo sessions.

5. A MIOPS camera trigger is a single box with multiple functions.

Unlike most smart camera trigger in the market today, a MIOPS camera trigger is a single box with outstandingly multiple functions that cater to every type of high-speed photography and other types of photography sessions like HDR and Time-Lapse.

It’s a device that is just about the size of your credit card and is as light as your smartphone. In other words, it can easily fit in your camera bag and you can bring it wherever you go whether as a travel buddy for your camera or a reliable trigger equipment for remote outdoor shoots.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


6. MIOPS camera triggers are faithful to all leading camera brands.

Yes, you read that right. One of the best things about choosing a MIOPS camera trigger is its compatibility with the leading camera brands in the world. Unlike other trigger units that only serve one master, MIOPS camera triggers are faithful to a wider range of digital SLR makes and models.

7. A MIOPS camera trigger is a reliable device with a long battery life.

MIOPS camera trigger can fully operate up to 4 consecutive days with just a single charge, and it is all thanks to its focus on power efficiency. Its battery is designed to perform for longer duration without compromising the quality and performance of your camera trigger.

Here, you’re assured of reliability, consistency, and efficiency all throughout your photography session. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about extremely longer shoots because an external power bank can be plugged into the trigger unit for recharging.

 MIOPS Smart for Lightning Photography

8. MIOPS camera trigger is powered by an upgradable firmware.

And not to mention it’s free. With MIOPS camera trigger, your firmware will continue to evolve with your skills and experience upgrade. You are assured that you won’t be left behind in terms of latest features and functionalities. Just like a fine wine, your camera trigger will get better with age, letting you save money in the long run because you don’t have to buy a new camera trigger every after three years just to remain relevant.

9. A MIOPS Camera trigger is a highly-recommended trigger unit by experts and pioneers in the different fields of photography.

Rocket launch photographers, wildlife photogs, and even product photographers can vouch for MIOPS’ outstanding performance, especially for the most intimidating photoshoots. A quick Google search of this product will already give you a long list of positive online reviews (articles and video feedbacks) that prove that this camera trigger will always be worth your money.

While MIOPS’ camera triggers are recommended by the experts in the field, it doesn’t mean that beginner photographers can’t enjoy the best of what this product can offer. In fact, MIOPS camera trigger units and its mobile applications are not only intuitive but also user-friendly. Regardless of your level of skill or your years of experience, this is the best camera trigger for you.

How can MIOPS camera trigger transform your photography?

Perhaps a single article cannot fully capture the full range of advantages and benefits of choosing MIOPS for your camera trigger – and this amazing product that is considered the most versatile camera trigger in the world deserves more than that.

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