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What is Timewarp in Timelapse Photography?

What is Timewarp in Timelapse Photography?

Are you exploring timelapse photography? Do you want to increase your knowledge and skill in creating artistic and timeless videos that show the beauty of life through time? Well, surely you are on the right page, especially if you are curious about using timewarp.

One of the most fascinating photography techniques that photographers use to give the world a glimpse of time is timelapse. People who are exposed to vlogs and even movies are surely familiar with videos that show fast-speed movements in a certain scenario to depict the passing of time. These videos are done by combining a series of pictures taken at a certain interval—and they are called timelapse shots.

Hyperlapse Photography

The problem with traditional timelapse is that your camera needs to stay in one location. If you want to add movements to this technique, then you need to change that by incorporating a hyperlapse. You can do this by capturing timelapse shots then ramp them by shooting a lot of movements and involving great distance. You may also warp and bend the scenario by using different kinds of movement, thus creating that “hyper” effect.

Creating a hyperlapse video can be wearisome, but once you have completed it, the result is totally rewarding. Timelapse videos with hyperlapse effects are surely mind-blowing, so you would definitely want to do more of them.

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Introducing Timewarp

If you want to upgrade your timelapse with the help of hyperlapse photography, then what you need is the shooting mode called timewarp. This mode is the best to use if you want to achieve that hyperlapse effect in your videos. This is created by taking photos using the long exposure technique in order to capture the subject’s movements in a certain period.

Timewarp allows photographers to shoot timelapse videos with great stability as they move about the scenario. These videos are taken at great speed in order to compress long activities into a smaller file. If you have a timewarp mode in your camera, you can just choose to set the shots at what speed you like, and then your device will already process your footage.

This method is perfect if you want to capture outdoor activities, such as snowboarding, biking, and even car racing. The camera may be attached to the body of the racer or player so that all his/her progress will be caught on film. The good thing about timewarp is that the videos that are produced from it are all in stable and high-resolution images despite the rapid and shaky movements.

How is It Different from Ordinary Timelapse

If you want to find out how timewarp is done differently from ordinary timelapse shots, then check out the following:

Timewarp is more stabilized, while timelapse needs a stabilizer.

Whenever capturing timelapse shots, you need to use a tripod to give stability to your camera. This is because your equipment should be free from movements for those perfect scenes.

On the other hand, timewarp will give you stable shots even through movements. Designed to capture motion with stability, this mode is set to produce steady and high-quality photos even if the camera keeps moving on.

Timewarp is used for moving subjects, while timelapse is for stationary scenes.

Usually, timelapse photography is used to capture very slow movements to accelerate their progress in the videos, such as the sunrise or the growth of a plant. The uniformity of the frames is needed for the smooth transitioning of the film, that is why the camera should never be moved while shooting.

Whereas, timewarp is perfect for shooting moving subjects, like a car on the road or a biker on the go. All scenes will be captured without the blur that is usually an effect of camera movements.

Overall, timewarp allows the incorporation of movements into your timelapse footage for an artistic effect. You need it if you want to shoot action-packed movements for your timelapse.

Tips to Achieve Hyperlapse Effect

In order for you to achieve the perfect hyperlapse using timewarp, you can apply the following tips:

  • Do not use a camera with a lens that has much distortion to avoid distorted images in the post-production.
  • Take RAW pictures so you can have better control of the post-production images.
  • Use full manual priority shooting to prevent flickers.
  • Use manual white balance for a uniform color throughout the frames.
  • Shoot using the widest focal length for more space when stabilizing.
  • Choose the appropriate shutter speed to achieve your desired result.

MIOPS Smart+ Timelapse & Timewarp mode

Using MIOPS Smart+

If you want to shoot timewarp videos but your camera lacks such a feature, then what you need is to find a gadget that will enable your camera. There are many advanced accessories that you can find helpful, and you just have to choose the right one that is compatible with your camera.

A great and versatile device that can help you achieve hyperlapse effects is the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger. It does not only support timelapse photography, but it also offers other advanced features, like timewarp, that can help photographers come up with a wider range of effects and tricks.

This camera trigger will definitely turn your camera into an advanced, quick-capturing gadget. Aside from timewarp, it has other triggering modes that will allow you to capture high-end photos such as laser, sound, lightning, and HDR modes etc...

MIOPS Smart+ can be controlled by using your smartphone. All you need to do is download a mobile app that connects to your camera using a wireless connection, like Bluetooth. This way, even if you are far away from your equipment, you can still manage your shots according to your preferences.



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