MIOPS Turntable

$75.00 Agotado
  • Compatible with Capsule PRO
  • Great add-on for 360 degree product photography
Color: White
¿Qué se incluye en la caja?

1 x Turntable (White)
1 x Extension Cable (Without Camera Connection Cable)

Descripción del producto

Imagine you need to take the 360° photos of an item. Capsule PRO turns the whole process into a few touches on your smartphone. Just tell Capsule PRO how many pictures you want to take.

Capsule PRO will rotate the Turntable accordingly and it will also trigger the camera to capture smooth and quick 360° photos.

* MIOPS Turntable cannot be used by itself. Please do not forget to purchase Capsule PRO separately.

Llevamos la fotografía a un nuevo nivel

Libera tu espíritu creativo, Captura lo inesperado

MIOPS no se trata solo de equipo. Se trata de expandir tus límites creativos y capturar los momentos que te dejan sin aliento. Creemos que todos tienen el potencial de ser narradores de historias, y nuestros productos están diseñados para capacitarte a hacer precisamente eso.

Customer Reviews

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Peter S.
Very useful item - MIOPS Turntable

It's very easy to take great pictures of an item for selling them e.g. on ebay. Or to achieve nice, short and great looking videos of a product.

Gary Chevers
Awesome Turntable

I have tried several turntables over the years. This one is by far the best!

Mts grup reklam ve Organizsyon İç dış tic ltd şti

MIOPS Turntable

Norlan Zeledon

Its a good and versatile piece of equipment that has and will continue to benefit my photography. Hoping they come out with a capsule slider restock soon I will buy it

Vladimir Borzykin
Very promising

Still haven't used it to the full potential but I like the result of motion time lapse and 360 product photography...obviously to get creative one need few gadgets more. No glitches yet.