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Differences between MIOPS Smart+, RemotePlus and Mobile Dongle

Differences between MIOPS Smart+, RemotePlus and Mobile Dongle

Thanks to evolving technology, the art of photography will never be the same. A lot of advanced photography gadgets have come out to the market, and most of them have been created to help photographers get the most from each shoot, even in the most inconvenient and difficult locations.

If you are one of the photographers who enjoy the MIOPS products, then probably you have some questions or confusions about some of its most popular products namely Smart+, RemotePlus, and Mobile Dongle. These three photography gadgets are in demand for their capacity to make the shooting experience easier for both the pro and novice photographers.

Do you want to find out how these products work specifically? What are the features of each that differentiate them from the rest? Of course, once you have figured out their proper uses and differences, it will be easier for you to choose which one to purchase for your next shooting trip.

What They Are

Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, check out the defining differences among these MIOPS products to be able to distinguish them better. Let us find out first the features of each of these gadgets:

MIOPS Smart+

1. MIOPS Smart+

The Smart+ is an adaptable camera trigger that is very handy for its state-of-the-art triggering modes, such as Timelapse, Lightning, HDR, Laser, Sound, and a lot more. This gadget can be controlled using your smartphone so you can easily change your camera’s settings without actually touching the device. Moreover, since it is a standalone device, it can also be used without a smartphone unlike RemotePlus and Mobile Dongle (see #2 and #3 below).



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


This tool has the capacity to detect lightning strikes and be able to trigger your camera at the right moment to catch them. This is also helpful if you want to take time-lapse and HDR images. With its Laser mode, you get the power to capture the most difficult scenarios, such as wildlife and even water drops. Moreover, its Sound mode does an excellent job of capturing fast, unexpected moments, like the popping of balloons and the breaking of glasses.

 MIOPS RemotePlus

2. MIOPS RemotePlus

This gadget, which is controllable by a smartphone app, is a high-speed camera trigger that is useful if you are doing remote shooting, lightning photography, HDR, time-lapse, long exposure, and bulb ramping. This allows your mirrorless camera or DSLR to shoot high-speed images, which are triggered by anything that breaks its laser beam, or even by light or sound. What is more, it has six release modes, which are Self Timer, Timed Release and Self Timer, Timed Release, Press and Lock, Press and Hold, and Cable Release—and your shutter can be released just by using your phone.

RemotePlus is way more advanced than the ordinary intervalometer, that is why this is highly recommended for time-lapse photographers. In addition, while being used to take time-lapse frames, you can still use your smartphone. Another interesting feature it has is that you can trigger your camera just by shaking or vibrating your phone.

MIOPS Mobile Dongle

3. MIOPS Mobile Dongle

This cable release from MIOPS has more advanced functions than its standard counterparts as it has six cable release modes that will help you control your shutter better. Furthermore, it does not only allow you to release the camera shutter remotely by using a smartphone but by connecting your camera to your smartphone directly, you can already take advantage of the powerful features of the MIOPS Mobile app. This will help you come up with the perfect shots.

Furthermore, the Mobile Dongle enables you to make the most of your smartphone’s innovative sensors. You can be more creative with your shots by using the Roadlapse, Sound, Vibration, and Motion modes of this cable release on your smartphone to turn it into the perfect camera remote.

To check and compare the current prices of the 3 products above, visit MIOPS shop. 

MIOPS Smart Sensor Modes

Compare and Contrast

Now, if you want to find out the specific differentiating features of the aforementioned products, let us compare and contrast the three of them in a more detailed way:

  • Smart Sensor Modes- All these three products feature the three sensor modes namely Sound, Motion and Vibration.
  • Device Sensor Modes- However, the differences start here. While Smart+ and RemotePlus support the Lightning, Sound, and Laser modes, the Mobile Dongle does not. Meanwhile, only Smart+ features DIY with external sensors.

MIOPS Time-lapse, Remote & Long Exposure modes

  • Time-lapse- The three gadgets support Basic Time-lapse, Long Exposure Time-lapse, Bulb Ramping Time-lapse, HDR, HDR Time-lapse, and Roadlapse. Nevertheless, only Smart+ can help you with Stormlapse and Timewarp.
  • Remote and Long Exposure with a Smartphone- Using a smartphone, Smart+, RemotePlus, and Mobile Dongle all support Cable Release, Press and Hold, Press and Lock, Timed Release, Self Timer, and Timed Release with Self Timer.
  • Remote and Long Exposure without a Smartphone- Smart+ gets the upper hand compared to the other two as it is the only one supporting Cable Release, Press and Hold, Press and Lock, Timed Release, Self Timer, and Timed Release with Self Timer without using a smartphone.

MIOPS Sensor Modes & Advance Features

  • Advanced Features- Unlike the other two, Smart+ also offers the following features without a smartphone: Advanced Scenario (Combined Sensor Modes), Device Name Assignment, PIN Assignment, Time Scheduling, Bluetooth On/Off, Advanced Shutter Modes (Mirror Lockup, Sync, Bulb), and Stand-Alone Usage.
  • Output- The three of them supports Camera Output, but only Smart+ can help you with Flash Output.
  • Physical- Smart+, RemotePlus, and Mobile Dongle are all smartphone controllable. However only Smart+ features an LCD screen and a replaceable battery—but both Smart+ and RemotePlus have rechargeable batteries. The battery life of Smart+ reaches 4 days, while that of RemotePlus only lasts for a day. The Smart+ gadget is 98 x 61 x 18 mm in dimension, while RemotePlus is 63 x 27 x 17 mm. Of course, the battery and dimension features are not applicable to the Mobile Dongle.

To help you in understanding the differences between the 3 amazing products above, check out MIOPS product range comparison which summarizes their differences and unique features.

Find Out What Suits You Best

The MIOPS Smart+, RemotePlus, and Mobile Dongle are all advanced products that can greatly improve your photography life. You can purchase any of them—or even all these three—but if you want to be practical, you better determine your shooting needs first so you can select the most beneficial product for you.

MIOPS also offer great bundle products that will give you discounted prices. For example, if you like to maximize the power of MIOPS products, you may choose Trigger Full Pack bundle which will give you a saving of $52. This package already includes a MIOPS Smart+, a Mobile RemotePlus, a Mobile Dongle, a Camera Cable, a MIOPS Splash, and a lot more accessories.

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