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How to Use the Full Potential of Your Camera with MIOPS

How to Use the Full Potential of Your Camera with MIOPS

You have successfully mastered the skills that are required from any photographer: lighting, composition, and camera operation among others. Your camera bag is also most probably filled with all of the accessories and gear that you have deemed worthy of investing in. Flashes are easy; you’ve got the best lenses and camera bodies. Check your collection, and it may be more than enough to fill a small studio—enough to capture the best photos of your career. What more do you need?

For sure, you purchased your cameras with the expectation that it will deliver great photographs for your work and portfolio. It can be the latest model of the year that is packed with all of the modern photography advances that technology has to offer. However, no matter how good your camera may be, it would not hurt to have handy MIOPS camera gear in your camera bag. Why? The brand offers photographers – hobbyists and professionals alike – better control and use of their camera’s capabilities by turning any camera into a high-speed capturing device.

The well-regarded photography brand has garnered rave reviews, and for good reason. Check out this list of how you can use the full potential of your camera with MIOPS:


lightning photography

1. It can turn your camera into a high-speed capture device.

One of the main things that MIOPS advertises is that their products has the ability to turn any camera into a high-speed capture device. You may regard yourself as a great photographer, but we’re sure that you’re still familiar with the feeling that comes with missing a beautiful scene by a millisecond.

MIOPS products like the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger delivers this ability by using your smartphone as a modern camera trigger. This accessory has versatile uses, with modes ranging from laser, lightning, and sound modes. These three modes are triggered by external actions that will be detected by your smartphone’s sensors. Once it detects changes depending on the mode you use, the MIOPS Smart+ will fire your camera’s lens to capture the scenery.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


With this accessory in your pack, you’ll finally be able to capture speedy subjects like animals, athletes, and maybe even children for your kids’ photography portfolio!

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control your camera through your mobile phone

2. It can help you control your camera through your smartphone.

MIOPS’ Remote Plus Camera Trigger is another accessory that deserves a space in your studio. This device will allow you to control your camera through a smartphone application, while also adding more capabilities.

It attaches to both DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and can be used for remote shooting, HDR photography, and even lightning photography. This device can also be used for time lapse photography. All you have to do is attach the MIOPS Remote Plus to your camera, and set the number of frames, intervals, and exposure values on your smartphone.

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roan lapse photographs

3. It can help your camera take road lapse photographs.

Road lapse is a fun experiment to do with your camera. However, you can take it a step further by optimizing your camera for this activity. Just set up your camera on your dashboard—make sure it’s set up on a stable spot, and that you’re not breaking any traffic regulation. Switch to the road lapse mode, and watch your camera fire off a frame every time a pre-determined distance is traveled by your car. Your photographs can be used best for your travel vlogs or films!

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water drop and splash photos

4. It can help you take the best water drop and splash photos.

Water drop and splash photography is arguable one of the trendiest niches in the industry today. It’s basically the art of taking pictures of beautifully composed water droplets and splashes, which can be used for marketing and retail. If you have attempted doing this with your camera alone, we’re sure you understand how difficult it is to capture the nanosecond-worth of action from the droplets.



Controls every drop and your equipment with a great precision.


For this specific niche, MIOPS created the Splash WaterDrop Kit, which can give you precise control over the quick subject. The kit can be controlled via the MIOPS mobile application, where you can set the timing and amount of the droplets. It also has the capability to trigger your flash or camera at the exact moment you want it to. With a kit like this, you will be able to capture the perfect and unique water drop in no time, and as you like it.

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long exposure

5. It can help keep your shutter open for longer.

Light trail and star trail photography enthusiasts understand the importance of your camera’s ability to capture the movement of light. The very simple MIOPS Mobile Dongle can help by connecting directly to your smartphone to harness its advanced sensors. Your smartphone can then give you more control over your camera’s shutter.

With the Mobile Dongle, you can control how long the shutter should be left open with just a single press on your smartphone. For your light and star trail photography needs, all you will be needing then is your camera, a sturdy tripod, and this MIOPS accessory. You can also use the same dongle to set a timer of when to release the shutter.

Your camera is undoubtedly great on its own. Combined with your skills and eye for detail as a photographer, you can surely come up with stunning and compelling images. However, there have been modern innovations that were created to specifically aid photographers like you. With accessories from MIOPS, you can easily maximize the potential of your camera, while also adding extra capabilities that it doesn’t have on its own. These products are also versatile enough to be used in a wide-ranging spectrum of niches, and will surely help in growing your library of diverse work.

With all these great products to elevate your work, we would still like to end this article by emphasizing your role in your photography. These products are merely tools to help you capture your envisioned images in the best way possible. These were designed to make your process more streamlined, giving you more time to think about creativity. While it is undoubtedly important to invest well in camera gear and accessories, we still advise you to invest in your skills and style more, since these will be the factors that will define your body of work.

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