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How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Powerful Camera Remote

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Powerful Camera Remote

Technology has changed the world for the better, delivering innovations that have transformed how people live their daily lives. Perhaps one of the most important and significantly irreplaceable products of the high-tech scene is the smartphone.

As a smart device, a smartphone is a flexible and powerful tool that has the capability not only to connect you to a vast online world but also to help you manage, organize and control your day to day activities: socializing, working, studying, to even helping you learn new hobbies.


Smartphone, a photographer’s new best friend

Professional photographers have realized the big role that a powerful device such as a smartphone can offer when it comes to achieving a more efficient and hassle-free shooting session. Why?

Thanks to the latest wonders that technology has to offer, it’s now easy to turn your smartphone into a powerful camera remote.

With the introduction of MIOPS Mobile Remote, the smartphone has just become an important item inside every photographer’s camera bag.

Here are 7 ways how MIOPS Mobile Remote can turn your smartphone into a powerful camera remote and take your photography sessions to a whole new level:

Wireless Camera Controller

1. Universal Wireless Camera Controller                                                        

This amazing device can easily be transformed into a user-friendly camera controller – not to mention it’s wireless, connecting via Bluetooth. With this new power, there will be no limits to what you can do, especially if you’re into outdoor or wildlife photography where precision, stealth and timing matter the most.

Imagine if you no longer have to physically handle your camera just to press the shutter button? Imagine the rare moments and once-in-a-lifetime shots that you can get from just being one with the wild, unnoticed yet fully present, without disrupting nature.

With just a swipe or a click of a button from your mobile phone, you can capture the serenity of a bird’s flight, the peace of an ever-flowing waterfall, or observe the graceful dance of a majestic animal.


2. User-friendly Interface

You don’t have to be a technology or smartphone geek to explore the possibilities that your smartphone can offer, especially as a remote camera controller.

Most of the time, veteran photographers don’t really make an effort to try new things because of one common thing: technology can be intimidating. However, there are some smart camera trigger mobile applications that offer a user-friendly interface and easily-understandable Menus. Some of them are even customizable, perfectly adapting to the user’s most specific needs.


3. Limitless Timelapse Mode Settings

Tired of your old and ordinary time-lapse mode settings? A camera mobile remote will revive your interest in time-lapse photography, thanks to its unlimited and extremely versatile settings. Through the mobile application that can be easily installed on your smartphone, a camera remote can be a key to a whole new world of time-lapse photography.

You can choose from HDR Timelapse, Bulb Ramping, Basic, Long Exposure shots – all in one single device, with just a swipe and a screen touch.

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4. Creative Activation Options

Freedom in photography means not having to rely on the traditional ways of taking photos – and your smartphone as a mobile camera remote can give you just that. Activating your shutter button doesn’t have to be restrictive and limiting – and with the right device, you can take a photo without even touching your smartphone screen.

With a mobile camera remote, just specific movements alone can easily activate your camera to capture that amazing shot. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting a stationary object or a high-speed event – because just shaking your smartphone can activate your camera to take that photo – even if you’re the subject, jumping mid-air.

Imagine the possibilities: a perfect shot of an awesome slam dunk, capturing amazing images from well-executed skateboarding tricks, you name it!

But how is it possible? Every smartphone has an accelerometer and a gyroscope, and these two components enable your phone to sense vibrations.


5. Intuitive road trip companion

If long drives and photography are two of your most favorite hobbies, activating your smartphone as a mobile remote for your camera will be the best decision that you’ll ever make.

This interesting combination can give you the most unforgettable photography/driving session. How? Your GPS-capable smartphone device can be connected to your camera to take photos while on the road – without the dangers of using your phone while driving, or manually clicking the shutter speed.

Using a Mobile Road Lapse mode through the smartphone trigger application, you can activate your camera to take photos, for instance, after ever 60 meters, so you don’t have to miss the most picturesque views especially when driving in the countryside. It will just be the most amazing road trip ever!


6. Your camera’s own scheduler

A smartphone serves as a loyal and efficient camera remote assistant which can help you create reliable and organized shooting modes.

Because of the freedom that allows users to use individual or multiple camera triggering modes like HDR, Time Lapse, Long Exposure, and so on, you can create the most mesmerizing video/photo stories. Using these stand-alone modes sequentially, for instance, can also create a well-combined motion picture, without the hassle of constantly adjusting the settings.

You can also set a schedule or the type of sequence depending on your preferred time of the day.


You are blessed with the century’s best and the brightest innovations and making use of what technology can offer should be one of your priorities especially if you want to evolve as a photographer. It’s good to learn the lessons from the traditional concepts of taking photos, but expanding your horizon and exploring the endless possibilities of new and future devices will help you to fully experience the true wonders of photography.

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