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Nicco Valenzuela

Nicco Valenzuela

Nicco Valenzuela is a landscape, travel, and architectural photographer based in Quezon City, Philippines. His photographs showcase the landscapes and cityscapes of southeast Asia, along with various destinations around the world. His clients comprise of reputable international and local architectural firms and development corporations. On top of his professional work as an architectural photographer, Nicco is one of the most reputable photography content writer/creators in the Philippines.

Nicco’s photography journey started at an early age of 17 when a friend introduced him to the craft. After half a decade exploring the different genres of photography, he found his voice in photographing landscapes and the cityscapes of his home city. His photographs have circulated the globe through various publications and photography content from respected brands such as Manfrotto, Lowepro, Tamron, Venus Optics - Laowa, and many more.

Nicco is also a senior staff writer for the renowned global photography publication, fstoppers where he writes educational and inspirational articles, along with various technical photography gear reviews. Nicco is also a local brand ambassador for H&Y Filters, Sony Philippines and Asus Computers.

Currently, Nicco shoots with various Sony Mirrorless cameras on Manfrotto and Gitzo support gear, and H&Y Filters. Using his MIOPS Smart+, Nicco emphasizes masterful visual design through long exposure effects and photographing lightning. 

Nicco's MIOPS pack: Smart+ Camera Trigger

Nicco's Socials: 

IG: NiccoValenzuela

Web: www.niccovalenzuela.com

Brian Akerson

Brian Akerson

Brian Akerson is a nature and time-lapse photographer from Millington, Tennessee. Temporarily residing in Chesapeake, Virginia, Brian travels around the Eastern seaboard and beyond to capture stunning waterfall photographs and time-lapses.

Some of his favorite spots in the United States are the Hocking Hills region of Ohio, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Shenandoah region, and the Smokey Mountains. Brian has shot with a variety of cameras and has been featured in several galleries over the past 20 years.

He has been published in View Camera Magazine, DC Style Magazine, Panorama – The Journal of the International Association of Panoramic Photographers, The PDGA’s Disc Golfer Magazine, various NASCAR publications, Late Model Racer Magazine, sat on the board of directors for the International Association of Panoramic Photographers, and interviewed for various online publications such as SLRLounge.

Currently, Brian shoots primarily with Nikon DSLR and mirrorless cameras while also still dabbling with a 6x17 medium format film camera. Using his MIOPS Capsule360 Pan/Tilt Kit and Smart+ Trigger, Brian strives to constantly create stunning images and time-lapse videos.

Brian's MIOPS Pack: Capsule360 and MIOPS Smart+

Brian's Socials:

Web: https://www.AkersonStudios.com

IG: brianakerson

TW: Brian Akerson

FB: Akerson Studios

Erik Kuna

Erik Kuna

Erik Kuna is a professional photographer and photojournalist with 20 years of experience in visual storytelling. For the past 5 years, Erik has focused his talents on space exploration, covering SpaceX, ULA, and NASA missions at Kennedy Space Center.

His goal is to create images that help educate people about the space industry, and inspire them to learn more about the beauty of space exploration and rocket launches. His passion was ignited in 2015 by seeing the SpaceX Falcon 9 booster land successfully. He felt like from that moment, he had to be part of documenting and capturing the beauty and inspiration of spaceflight and has never looked back.

Driven by a passion to create images that inspire, Erik works with various media outlets and creative agencies focused on creating photos, animations, motion art and videos that communicate the story and capture the beauty, wonder and amazement of space exploration.

Erik believes that the greatest gift we can give humanity today is to look beyond our current generation to the future of space exploration. Democratizing space for everyone, the next frontier for all of us to explore.

In addition, Erik is a photography trainer and instructor at KelbyOne, an educational membership community with hundreds of thousands of members all around the world. They provide incredible training for Photoshop, LightRoom and Photography accessible to all and made affordable for everyone. He’s also a co-host of a Photography Podcast, The Grid, which discusses all aspects of Photography. 


Erik's MIOPS Pack: MIOPS Smart+

Eriks's Socials:

IG: erikkuna

TW: Erik Kuna

Web: https://erikkuna.com/

Ricardo Takamura

Ricardo Takamura

Ricardo Takamura is a Brazil-based conceptual photographer, manifest in his night & landscape photography surreal realities that are hidden from our eyes.He relates to the art as long as it was young, painting and sculpting in wood.

In love with light, dedicated for a long time to create sculptures with light and lamps. When he began to devote himself to photography, he brought all the inspiration and knowledge acquired in the art.

His work is closely related to cinematographic photography, seeking to freeze moments as if they were a single frame of a film stopped in time, conveying sensitivity and emotion.

Currently he has been dedicating himself to the difficult task of bringing contemporary photography together with his work of night and nature photography, creating series that connect with staged photography, and refer to scenarios of sci fi movies.

Ricardo's MIOPS pack: Capsule360

Ricardo's Socials:

IG: ricardotakamura

FB: Ricardo Takamura

Web: www.ricardotakamura.com

Gary Cummins

Gary Cummins

Gary Cummins is an Irish photographer currently living in Toronto, Canada. His photography subjects range from astrophotography to colourful people, urban and street photography, and also high-speed photography, making is portfolio dynamic and ever-changing.

Through his imagery, Gary reminds all of us that we need to take a second and enjoy the world around us, capturing moments as we go. He describes his photography as his meditation, his downtime to relax and get away from the busy world he lives in.

In doing so he gives us a glimpse of the world through his eyes. His photography has taken him all across the globe from Australia, to Southeast Asia, Southwest USA, Saudi Arabia, Iceland and beyond. 

Working as a machine operator in the construction industry in Canada, Gary makes the most of his time off during the winter months to travel and explore lands old and new. 

He has had the pleasure of working with brands such as Volkswagen and Chrysler. Gary is a proud ambassador for MIOPS and gets great use out of their products. He has been published in numerous magazines including National Geographic and Lonely Planet. 

He is a strong believer in getting outside and exploring the world around us. Even if it’s your own backyard. He lives by the motto. 

“We are all explorers! Never Stop!”


Gary's MIOPS pack: Capsule360 Pan-Tilt Pack

Gary's Socials: 

IG: garycphoto

Web: www.garycphotography.com

FB: Gary Cummins Phoptography

Robert Hoovis

Robert Hoovis

Rob Hoovis resides in SW Florida where he owns & operates a video production/photography business & has developed a passion for creative photography & video production.

He began photography in the 1980’s shooting film. When not spending time with his family, he’s likely exploring the most remote parts of the area & particularly enjoys shooting the night sky, lightning & aerial photos & video as well as nature in general. His area is known for its beautiful scenery & he’s turned shooting it into a profitable venture by working with many of the area’s municipalities. Tourism videos & photo shoots for Sanibel & Captiva, Useppa Island, various resorts & was Lee County’s resident artist in 2016.

He has shot the cover of area tourism guides, won awards for his commercial video work & was awarded ‘Underground Video of the Year’ by Thrasher magazine. He’s worked with ESPN shooting action sports like skateboarding. Still - his true passion is shooting photos in dead of night in some of the most desolate locations in the state & even in the country. He hopes to show people the beauty of the world around them in a way they’ve never seen.

Robert's MIOPS pack: Capsule360 and MIOPS Smart+

Robert's Socials: 

IG: hoovisyo

YT: Old Sparky Productions

James Smart

James Smart

Based in Melbourne, Australia, James dips his toes into a few different types of photography.

Mainly landscape, however he also explores nature, aerial, wide angle astro, wildlife & underwater photography. James has been featured in magazines around the world, from National Geographic to the Australian Photography Magazine. Along side that, he has won a few world class awards for his storm photography.

He loves to see his work hanging in customers homes, providing framed & unframed works across Australia and overseas. Capturing nature at its best, he is slowly knocking off the list, from tornadoes in the USA, to the northern lights in Iceland.

Always out to find new locations for imagery, James will through the swag in the back of the truck and head off for a few days and hope for the best.

When he is not photographing, he is mountain biking, 4 wheel driving and enjoying the outdoors.


James' MIOPS Pack: MIOPS Smart+ and Capsule360

James' Socials: 

IG: jamessmartphotography

FB: James Smart Photography

Lorenzo Viola

Lorenzo Viola

Born and raised in northern Italy, he approaches the photographic world thanks to his father who is passionate about photography and the cultural, natural wealth of his country.

Today he works as an interior, industrial and commercial photographer; this entails a clear division between work and passion which remains concentrated on the experiences lived in natural environments.

His camera is often turned towards the sky to capture the wonders of the universe and the winter shows of the northern lights; to do this it needs clean skies free of light pollution; this need is the basis of many of his hiking experiences. This is why he defines himself as the "seeker of the dark".

Thanks to the success of his astro-photographic images, he organizes photographic workshops and is called to cultural associations where he tells the public his love for the stars.

Lorenzo's MIOPS Pack: MIOPS Smart+, Remote Plus and Capsule360


IG: lorenzoviolaph

Jordan Cantelo

Jordan Cantelo

Jordan Cantelo is an award winning Australian landscape photographer who is passionately in love with the skies and landscapes of his home. Jordan’s love for photography began when he started taking photos in high school and blossomed when he later traveled through Europe and North America. Experiencing the magnificent landscapes of the world opened his eyes to the possibilities of the photographic medium.


He has a strong passion for the weather and for chasing thunderstorms and he enjoys the pursuit of creating impactful photos of mother nature’s most electrifying and spectacular shows. The bright unique signature of every strike with the deep and sometimes explosive sounds of thunder are his addiction. Whether he is shooting stormy rural scenes, or the landscape from the air or ground, Jordan looks for that single, ephemeral moment in which light, angle, and subject magically come together.

He is the 2018 Western Australian Nature Professional Photographer of the year. Current gear includes a Pentax Medium Format 645z Camera, Canon DSLRs, DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone, and MIOPS Triggers. After a short stint in the coastal town of Jurien Bay, Jordan has returned to Perth, Western Australia with his wife Irene and sons Jacob, & Lachlan.


Jordan's MIOPS Pack: (MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger for lightning photogaphy; Capsule 360 for timelapses). 

Jordan's Socials: 

IG: jordancantelo               

lightning photography
lightning photography
lightning photography
lightning photography

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[faq q1="who is Jordan Cantelo?" a1="Jordan Cantelo is an award winning Australian landscape photographer who is passionately in love with the skies and landscapes of his home." q2="what kind of photography he does?" a2="He has a strong passion for the weather and for chasing thunderstorms and he enjoys the pursuit of creating impactful photos of mother nature’s most electrifying and spectacular shows." q3="which photography gears does Jordan Cantelo use?" a3="Current gear includes a Pentax Medium Format 645z Camera, Canon DSLRs, DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone, and MIOPS Triggers."]