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Unleash Your Creative Spirit, Capture the Unexpected

Whether you're into the stunning effects of long exposures or the fun of creative photography modes, this app has something for everyone. It's perfect for those who want to do more with their iPhone camera, from capturing light trails at night to create stunning bokeh effects.


Capture high-quality still images with various settings to adjust exposure, white balance, and focus for perfect shots


Record crisp videos with customizable frame rates and resolutions to capture moments in stunning clarity and smoothness

RAW Photo

Preserve maximum image data and quality by capturing photos in RAW format, enabling advanced post-processing flexibility


Create captivating time-lapse videos by condensing hours or days into seconds, showcasing dynamic scenes or slow-changing phenomena

Motion Blur

Add artistic flair to your shots by emphasizing movement through controlled blurring effects, highlighting the dynamism of subjects in motion

Light Trail

Capture dynamic trails of light from moving sources for captivating photography

Tilt Shift

Achieve a miniature effect by selectively blurring parts of the video, simulating a shallow depth of field to make scenes appear like miniature models

Crowd Removal

Seamlessly remove unwanted crowds or moving objects from your photos

Capture Stunning Photos with iPhone

Capture like a pro! Take full control of your camera.

Adjust settings such as ISO, white balance, and focus to capture the perfect photo every time. Whether you're shooting in low light or trying to capture a specific mood or atmosphere, our advanced manual controls give you the power to customize your photos to your exact specifications.

Extended Exposures, Up to 30 Seconds

Unleash the power of time with our extended exposure capability, offering up to 30 seconds of creative freedom. Whether you're capturing the subtlest details or mesmerizing light trails, you have the time you need to achieve your vision with precision and excellence.

Slow Shutter Speed

Slow Shutter: Beyond the Ordinary

Step into a world of creativity and capture the extraordinary through long exposure iPhone photography.

Motion Blur mode of Snap Pro Camera is perfect for crafting smooth, dreamy images of waterfalls or celestial nightscapes. This user-friendly feature allows you to delve into the wonders of slow shutter speeds, transforming dynamic scenes into breathtaking visual art with your iPhone.

Long Exposure
Short Exposure

From Hours to Seconds: Elevate Your Storytelling with Timelapse

With intuitive controls and stunning output quality, creating captivating timelapse videos has never been easier. Share your unique perspective with the world.

Miniaturize Your World: Tilt-Shift Videos with iPhone

Make real-life scenes look like tiny models with tilt shift. It’s a cool way to make your videos stand out.

Advanced Manual Control

Manually adjust ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and more for complete photo control

Intuitive interface

Easily switch between camera modes and access all of our advanced features with just a few taps

Live Filters

Preview and apply filters in real-time to get the perfect shot


Achieve level photos effortlessly with the built-in tiltmeter


Compose your shots perfectly with the grid overlay feature


Assess your exposure accurately with the built-in histogram display

Focus Peaking

Attain perfectly focused photos with the focus peaking feature

Zebra Stripes

Highlight overexposed areas of your photos with zebra stripes


Capture your photos in the format that works best for your workflow

Preset List

Save your preferred settings for future use

Photo Sharing

Share your photos directly from the app to your favorite social media platforms

Multi Language

Switch between multiple languages with built-in language settings

Ergonomic Smart Camera Grip for iPhone

Fully Compatible with SPARK for a Real DSLR-Like Photography Experience

Snap Pro Camera, the standalone iPhone camera app tailored for creative photography, now seamlessly integrates with SPARK, the ergonomic Smart Camera Grip.

SPARK revolutionizes your iPhone into a DSLR-like camera, boasting ergonomic features for effortless photo and video capture. With Snap Pro Camera and SPARK combined, unlock new levels of creativity and control, transforming your iPhone into a versatile tool for professional-grade photography. Experience the perfect blend of innovation and comfort with Snap Pro Camera and SPARK.

Learn More About SPARK
Advanced Tools

Focus Peaking: Master Sharp Shots with Snap Pro Camera

Unlock precision in every shot with Snap Pro Camera's Focus Peaking feature. Ideal for both amateurs and seasoned photographers, this tool highlights the sharpest areas of your photo in real-time, ensuring perfect focus. Transform your iPhone into a professional photography device, capturing stunningly sharp images with ease.

Peaking Enabled
Peaking Disabled
Advanced Tools

Zebra Stripes: Perfect Exposure with Snap Pro Camera

Ensure ideal exposure in every shot with Snap Pro Camera's Zebra Stripes feature. This tool visually highlights overexposed areas in your frame, making it effortless to adjust settings for a balanced, perfectly exposed photograph. Elevate your iPhone photography to new levels of precision and quality.

Stripes Enabled
Stripes Disabled
Remote Shots with Apple Watch

Sharper Shots On Your Wrist

Say goodbye to blurry photos with our watch app. Use your Apple watch to remotely control your camera for shots from any angle, and take photos after a defined duration for perfect shots every time. Download now and start taking high-quality photos with ease.

Creative Photography with Filters

Live Filters  
for Instant Creativity

The Live Filters feature of Snap Pro Camera app brings instant creativity to your photography. Apply and preview a variety of filters in real-time, crafting the perfect mood and tone for your images before you even snap the photo. This feature is ideal for experimenting with different aesthetics, saving you time in post-editing and enhancing your iPhone photography experience.

Snap Pro Camera

Unlock your iPhone's full potential with our professional-grade DSLR camera app

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