FLEX Bolt | Lightning Trigger

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  • Lightning photography camera trigger
  • Turn your camera into a lightning hunter
What is Included in the Box?

1 x Battery
1 x Camera Cable
1 x Micro USB Cable

Product Description

Capture the power and beauty of lightning like never before with FLEX Bolt.

FLEX Bolt is the perfect tool for both day and night lightning shots, and its reliable and easy operation makes it ideal for both amateur and professional photographers. Take your lightning photography to the next level with FLEX Bolt.


Unlock the world of lightning photography with Flex BOLT, designed for capturing lightning events with precision and control


Harness the power of the internal light sensor to detect lightning events with adjustable sensitivity. This mode ensures you never miss capturing electrifying lightning strikes with ease.

Smartphone Controlled

Seamlessly manage and control your equipment directly from your smartphone, putting the power of precision in your hands

Replaceable and Rechargeable Battery

Experience the convenience of a rechargeable battery, offering up to 4 hours of usage on a single charge, so your equipment is always prepared for action.

Interchangeable Cable Connectivity

Enjoy the flexibility of seamlessly using the same device with different cameras by effortlessly swapping the cable. Effortlessly switch between your photography gear with ease.

We take the photography to a new level

Unleash Your Creative Spirit, Capture the Unexpected

MIOPS isn't just about gear. It's about pushing your creative boundaries and capturing the moments that take your breath away. We believe that everyone has the potential to be a storyteller, and our products are designed to empower you to do just that.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bart Moeyaert
Didn't got to test it yet

Product arrived within the estimated time. Pitty enough i didn't have the chance so far to test it as the only times there was lightning, i was working. I will post another review when i got the chance to test it.

Otmar Haneberg
Gut - wie bisher

Schnelle Lieferung, Funktionen wie angegeben

Peter Baade
Zeer tevreden

Heel snel geleverd en Flex Bolt werkt uitstekend.

Darrell Myskiw
Stand alone trigger

After using the MIOPS Smart+ for lightning, I decided to venture to a stand alone lightning trigger. As the Smart+ was a pretty decent unit with multiple applications, I decided to stay with MIOPS and picked up the Flex Bolt.
Well, we've only had a few thunderstorms since it showed up, and only one real chance to use it. The storm was mainly sheet lightning from what I could see but it was throwing down bolts close by (lots of trees around the house, not many fields of view to safely set up the Flex Bolt). So I choose a relatively clear path, and let the Flex Bolt do its work on an early morning system rolling through. I didn't catch any of the bolts being thrown down, but it did catch every sheet that flashed, and even managed to capture the orange flash from a Bolt just out of view. Sheet of lightning for triggered frame taken, the Flex Bolt caught 100% of the flashes that filled the air (light ones to bright blinding ones).
It's a real easy to use system, and with being a sole lightning trigger, that goes a long way with me. Quick adjustments to sensitivity can be made in less than 2 seconds and is back ready for the next strike.
The short range forecast isn't looking good for lightning, and as we're nearing the end of storm season here things are bleak for use. But I'm definitely looking forward to a chase where I can put the Flex Bolt through its paces.

Noral Weikle
Lightning trigger.

We have 2 feet of snow on the ground. I am looking forward to giving it a try when thunderstorms arrive!