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Camera & Flash Trigger for High Speed Photography

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Capsule 360.

World’s most versatile and compact motion box ever created!

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Slide your camera automatically with a great precision.

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World’s first smartphone controllable and standalone water drop kit

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More than a standard cable release

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The fun part of high speed photography is you never get the same shot twice, but with the MIOPS Smart Trigger you will never miss that perfect shot. Almost all the testing I did was for the sound and laser trigger, which is perfect for high speed portrait and product photography, but this smart trigger has 7 modes plus 3 more shutter modes that you can use so I think it’s definitely worth it.

As well as providing many ways to trigger your shutter, MIOPS Smart Trigger is small, has a long battery life, has a very easy interface, has a well-designed smartphone app, is very reliable, its firmware is upgradable, and it is solidly built. If you are in the market for a wireless trigger and want to have some serious fun with high-speed, stop-action photography and lightning photography, give this gadget a try.

As a food and restaurant photographer, the MIOPS Smart’s Laser Trigger Mode proved to be very convenient for capturing action shots of chefs and bartenders in the kitchen. It was literally a snap to have the MIOPS Camera Trigger automatically take photos for me. The same was true for travel photography scenarios, such as capturing wildlife in action, and lightning storms.

Unlike most camera trigger apps, MIOPS’ mobile software lets you set up capture scenarios that only take pictures under very specific conditions. You can set it to take time-lapse photos as soon as it gets dark, and snap additional lightning pictures if a big storm brews; in short, you shouldn’t have to keep a close watch over your camera.

If you’re doing high-speed photography you really have to use one of these triggers. In a nutshell, this camera trigger becomes a multi-faceted cable release for your camera. They’ve taken all of those things that you have different triggers to do or ways to do, and put it into one smart application. You can use it on your phone; you can use it on your camera. It’s just a great piece of equipment.

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