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Lorenzo Viola

Lorenzo Viola

Born and raised in northern Italy, he approaches the photographic world thanks to his father who is passionate about photography and the cultural, natural wealth of his country.

Today he works as an interior, industrial and commercial photographer; this entails a clear division between work and passion which remains concentrated on the experiences lived in natural environments.

His camera is often turned towards the sky to capture the wonders of the universe and the winter shows of the northern lights; to do this it needs clean skies free of light pollution; this need is the basis of many of his hiking experiences. This is why he defines himself as the "seeker of the dark".

Thanks to the success of his astro-photographic images, he organizes photographic workshops and is called to cultural associations where he tells the public his love for the stars.

Lorenzo's MIOPS Pack: MIOPS Smart+, Remote Plus and Capsule360


IG: lorenzoviolaph

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