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Ricardo Takamura

Ricardo Takamura

Ricardo Takamura is a Brazil-based conceptual photographer, manifest in his night & landscape photography surreal realities that are hidden from our eyes.He relates to the art as long as it was young, painting and sculpting in wood.

In love with light, dedicated for a long time to create sculptures with light and lamps. When he began to devote himself to photography, he brought all the inspiration and knowledge acquired in the art.

His work is closely related to cinematographic photography, seeking to freeze moments as if they were a single frame of a film stopped in time, conveying sensitivity and emotion.

Currently he has been dedicating himself to the difficult task of bringing contemporary photography together with his work of night and nature photography, creating series that connect with staged photography, and refer to scenarios of sci fi movies.

Ricardo's MIOPS pack: Capsule360

Ricardo's Socials:

IG: ricardotakamura

FB: Ricardo Takamura


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