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Gary Cummins

Gary Cummins

Gary Cummins is an Irish photographer currently living in Toronto, Canada. His photography subjects range from astrophotography to colourful people, urban and street photography, and also high-speed photography, making is portfolio dynamic and ever-changing.

Through his imagery, Gary reminds all of us that we need to take a second and enjoy the world around us, capturing moments as we go. He describes his photography as his meditation, his downtime to relax and get away from the busy world he lives in.

In doing so he gives us a glimpse of the world through his eyes. His photography has taken him all across the globe from Australia, to Southeast Asia, Southwest USA, Saudi Arabia, Iceland and beyond. 

Working as a machine operator in the construction industry in Canada, Gary makes the most of his time off during the winter months to travel and explore lands old and new. 

He has had the pleasure of working with brands such as Volkswagen and Chrysler. Gary is a proud ambassador for MIOPS and gets great use out of their products. He has been published in numerous magazines including National Geographic and Lonely Planet. 

He is a strong believer in getting outside and exploring the world around us. Even if it’s your own backyard. He lives by the motto. 

“We are all explorers! Never Stop!”


Gary's MIOPS pack: Capsule360 Pan-Tilt Pack

Gary's Socials: 

IG: garycphoto


FB: Gary Cummins Phoptography

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