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7 Important Features You Should Look for in a Camera Trigger

7 Important Features You Should Look for in a Camera Trigger

Are you into time-lapse or long exposure photography and you are struggling with remote shooting? Do you want to find out how you can avoid camera shake, especially when you click the trigger? If you are looking for a stable way of capturing images, then what you need is a good camera trigger.

Whether you are a professional photographer or just a beginner, using a camera trigger will help you achieve those perfect shots—those which are free from the blurs that are usually caused by slight camera shake whenever the shutter is triggered. This gadget is one of the advanced camera accessories which every photography enthusiast should have.

7 Important Features You Should Look for in a Camera Trigger

Knowing More About Camera Trigger

Also called an image trigger, a camera trigger functions as a digital camera’s initiator for releasing the shutter. This happens as the device analyzes its sensor’s signals. This is most beneficial whenever the photographer has to shoot fast-moving subjects. With a trigger, the camera can automatically capture images the moment the subject is detected by the device’s sensor.

Normally, photographers use a cable release in remote shooting to avoid camera shake and be able to capture a scenario even if the photographer is distant from the equipment. However, this tool is quite costly and the cable wire sometimes causes inconvenience.

The good thing about a wireless camera trigger is that it does the functions of a cable release—plus more—but it comes at a cheaper price. What makes it more practical than a cable release though, aside from its lower cost, is its capacity to trigger shots from a distance. This can be controlled using a mobile app.

Features Your Camera Trigger Must Have

If you will purchase a camera trigger, then you need to determine which features should the device have. This way, you will not only get the best from your money, but you will surely be able to enjoy photography to the fullest.

Check out the following:

7 Important Features You Should Look for in a Camera Trigger

1. Can be controlled using your smartphone 

The latest camera triggers are now controllable via a smartphone application. This way you can remotely take shots whenever you are in locations where your subjects should not be disturbed, like in the wild. This will require Bluetooth connection, or you can also use the MIOPS Mobile Dongle, which can connect your camera directly to your phone.

7 Important Features You Should Look for in a Camera Trigger - MIOPS

2. Must support different shutter release modes 

Your camera trigger should be able to give you different options of how to control the shutter release better. Look for a camera trigger that offers these six shutter release modes: Cable Release, Press and Hold, Press and Lock, Timed Release, Self Timer, and Timed Release with Self Timer. 

Moreover, a versatile camera trigger should be able to provide those modes with or without connecting to a smartphone. It should work as a standalone camera trigger or a camera trigger controlled by a smartphone.

7 Important Features You Should Look for in a Camera Trigger - Sound Mode of MIOPS

3. Can be triggered by sound 

Go for a camera trigger that supports audio sensitivity. This means that your gadget can be set to release the shutter at the signal of a sound, such as the fireworks noise, breaking glass, the popping of a balloon, or even the sound of a rocket launch. This way, you can capture these amazing high-speed photography events even when you are not yet an experienced pro or an advanced photographer.

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7 Important Features You Should Look for in a Camera Trigger - Laser Mode of MIOPS

4. Has Laser Mode 

The best camera trigger supports Laser Mode. This feature allows your camera to capture anything that breaks the laser beam that is aimed at the trigger’s sensor. It is also possible to set your camera to capture multiple pictures at one setting.

The Laser Mode is very helpful if you are into capturing the wildlife, the splash of water, or other kinds of high-speed photography which would usually require you an unpredictable waiting time. You can step away from the scene and leave the timing to your camera trigger.

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7 Important Features You Should Look for in a Camera Trigger - Lightning Mode of MIOPS

5. Features lightning trigger 

One of the events that most photographers dream to capture is the splendor of a lightning bolt. The problem is that it is hard to predict when the exact moment lightning would strike. The good thing is lightning photography has been made easier by using a smart camera trigger.

When choosing a camera trigger, look for a unit that supports Lightning Mode. This function will allow you to set the trigger’s sensitivity based on the light source. Once successfully set, your device’s sensor can detect as soon as a lightning strike begins. With this, your camera will be able to capture lightning images right on time.

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Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


6. Supports HDR photography 

In case your camera has no HDR feature, a camera trigger can help you capture HDR shots. You just need to set the camera to manual focus and Bulb mode to adjust the center setting, exposure value, and the number of frames to be taken. After pressing “play”, your camera will already capture shots at different exposures.

A smart camera trigger should be able to capture faultless images with different exposure between 1/30 and 30 seconds automatically even if your camera doesn’t have the bracketing function to create an HDR picture.

7 Important Features You Should Look for in a Camera Trigger - MIOPS Intervalometer

7. Functions as an Intervalometer 

A camera trigger should also support a time-lapse mode. This way, even if your camera does not have a built-in time-lapse feature, you can still shoot time-lapse successfully. With your camera trigger functioning as an intervalometer, you can set the specific adjustments needed to take your shots.

All you need to do is set your camera’s settings to the required modes and set up your camera trigger.  First, you need to set the interval of the shots and the exposure time, and the limit or number of shots you want to capture all in all.

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7 Important Features You Should Look for in a Camera Trigger - MIOPS Smart Trigger

MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger

If you want the best camera trigger which has the abovementioned features, then I suggest that you look into MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger. This is both a flash and a camera trigger in just one device. It supports the important features above, plus it has more advantages over other camera triggers in the market.

With the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger, you can have the best camera ever. With its advanced high-speed triggering modes, namely Lightning, Sound, Laser, Timelapse, HDR, and even a DIY mode where you can combine various modes, you can have the power to take almost impossible photos.

It can also be used as a standalone camera device without relying on a smartphone. And if you use a smartphone to control the device, you can even have more triggering modes, like motion and vibration. Finally, MIOPS Smart+ camera trigger has its own LCD and its rechargeable battery can last up to 4 days.

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