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How Does a Sound Activated Camera Trigger Work?

How Does a Sound Activated Camera Trigger Work?

A sound trigger is one of the most common devices that many photographers rely on. This is because it has a lot to offer especially when it comes to high-speed photography. In fact, the most demanding high-speed events can be a piece of cake as long as you have this device handy.

In definition, a sound activated camera trigger relies on loud events in which sound is the most dominant stimulus. As a trigger, it helps photographers capture fast events since it easily reacts to sounds with different levels of loudness. As soon as its sound sensor hears a large pop, crack, or bang, the device signals the camera to take the photo in speeds as fast as a millisecond.

While most camera triggers are capable of a sound trigger mode, only smart camera triggers have the power to take its functionalities to the next level. How does a sound activated camera trigger work, especially if it’s a smart trigger? This article will answer this question.  

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1. A sound trigger helps you shoot Rocket Launch Photography.

Let’s start at the most challenging subject: rocket launches. Only a few people have ever tried this type of photography because of many factors such as opportunities that allow rocket launch shoots, the type of camera equipment, and most importantly, the lack of a trigger device in one’s camera bag.

First of all, many photography communities online organize groups whose main interest in rocket launch photography. Joining these groups can be easy especially if you already have a solid portfolio ready. Additionally, you don’t need an expensive upgrade to be successful at rocket launch photography. In fact, all you need is a sound activated camera trigger.

rocket launch photography

Rocket launches usually have unpredictable launch schedules so many photographers on site rely on a sound trigger to take the photo (or multiple photos) at the exact moment of the launch. The boosters can be extremely loud, and this sound is used to activate the trigger and your camera’s shutter.

More importantly, a sound trigger may have an adjustable sensitivity so that your camera will only be triggered by the specific sound that you want to target.

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2. A sound trigger lets you master Bullet Photography.

Another loud sound event is a gun firing a bullet through an object. Imagine having a trigger fast enough to shoot an extremely high-speed event such as a bullet cruising through the air? With a sound activated camera trigger, bullet photography is just a piece of cake.


This photo shoot should be done indoors for safety reasons. More importantly, the setup should be carefully planned and the equipment should be perfectly positioned. For a smart sound trigger, you have the option to take a single or multiple shots. Setting up a delay timer will help you capture the movement of the bullet at the right timing, and taking a sequence of photos can help you have more options to choose from. Timing is important in this type of photography because every bullet counts.

3. A sound trigger assists you in Balloon-popping photo shoots.

Popping a balloon creates a loud bang, loud enough to trigger your camera’s shutter to take those unique and fun shoots. You can experiment with a lot of colors and incorporate other elements to the shoot. Try water balloons that take the shape of its container to create a surreal water sculpture. Add colorful items and interesting accessories to give every photo its unique characters. The possibilities are endless and all you will need is your creativity, and of course, a sound camera trigger.

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4. A sound trigger helps you create unique Paint Sculptures.

Sound triggers opened a whole new world of photography methods and capturing paint sculptures is one of them. What photographers do is to place a viscous fluid of paint on the mouth of a water-proof speaker (or a speaker wrapped in a clear plastic sheet). What happens is, activating the speakers (by playing music or sound through it) throws the liquid into the air, creating mesmerizing movements in every beat. However, the event can be fast and impossible to shoot with just a normal trigger reflex-and this is where a sound-activated trigger comes in.

With every beat and every sound, the movement of the paints can be easily recorded, revealing unique patterns and shapes. The sound trigger’s delay timer can be perfectly used in this scenario, allowing you to take photos of sculptures of different height and forms.        

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5. A sound trigger is perfect for Broken Glass Photography.

What can you do with a BB-pistol toy gun and an old light bulb? A quick studio set up and these two materials can help you practice your skills in broken glass photography. This photography method delivers great photos and surprisingly, it does not require expensive camera equipment or a complex set up. All you will need is a good digital SLR with manual mode and a reliable sound camera trigger.

Pulling the trigger of a loaded BB gun creates a loud bang that can trigger your camera to take the shot. As soon as the metallic ball projectile (or a plastic ball bullet) hits the glass bulb, another sound event is made. These two stimuli can be easily picked up by the trigger unit’s sound sensors and signal your camera to take single to multiple shots in one event.

The results are images of different shapes of glass shards, forming figures and patterns that are unique to this photography method.

6. A sound trigger is your best buddy for High-speed photography.

A sound camera trigger has a lot to offer in high-speed photography especially for subjects that produce loud sound events. All the different methods of photography mentioned above have been made possible with the invention of the sound trigger. In other words, with a bit of creativity and a spark of inspiration, there will be more photo opportunities out there waiting to be discovered.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


Having a sound activated camera trigger will prepare you in all the possibilities that every subject or event has to offer. If photography is your true calling, it’s important to have this device in your camera bag.

To ensure the success of your high-speed photography sessions using the sound as the trigger, use reliable and versatile products, such as the MIOPS Smart Camera Trigger, MIOPS Mobile Dongle, and MIOPS Mobile Remote.


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