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Laser Trigger Photography Tips: How to Use MIOPS Laser Mode Trigger

Laser Trigger Photography Tips: How to Use MIOPS Laser Mode Trigger

The tech world has afforded photographers many conveniences in the last decade. We have seen innovations like the mirrorless camera, editing software, and modern camera accessories-- all of which contribute to helping you become a more efficient and productive photographer. If you ever plan to invest in any gear that was produced in the last decade, the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger is a great option. This versatile trigger can turn any camera into high-speed capture devices, with modes like lightning, HDR, and laser among others.

The device is very useful for instances that you want to shoot fast-moving objects. The use of a remote trigger can lend some help with keeping your camera steady, minus the movement you cause when pressing the shutter button. With a high-speed trigger like Smart+, you will find that you can easily take clear photos of close to impossible images, like exploding balloons, water drops, and movement of people or animals.

In this article, we’ll dive into the Smart+ Camera Trigger’s laser mode and the many creative applications that you can try to capture stunning laser trigger photography. However, let’s get the basics out of the way before getting to the fun part, shall we?


camera trigger

How to Use the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger

Using this device’s laser mode is very straightforward. All you will be needing are your camera, an external laser pointer, and the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger. Here’s how you set it up: 

  • Download the MIOPS app on the Apple App or Google Play stores. The app was developed by the brand so that you can easily interact with your MIOPS devices through your smartphone.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth and make sure that your phone is paired with your MIOPS Smart+. On the app, switch to Laser Mode.
  • Make sure that you have set up the background in your studio, or found a stable spot if you are shooting outdoors. Your subjects should also be ready at this point.
  • Attach the Smart+ Camera Trigger to your camera. The device comes with the appropriate cables, including cables that link to your camera and flash unit. It can connect to most cameras from the majority of camera brands.
  • Set up your external laser. You can use a regular laser pen or pointer. Just make sure that it can provide a consistent laser beam to your trigger’s optical receiver. It may be best to set it up on a tripod and point its light to your subject
  • Once you’ve set up your laser and trigger correctly, you will see a message on your screen that says, “Laser trap ready.”
  • The laser mode will automatically fire your camera’s lens when an object breaks the beam’s line.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


Tips and Tricks for Laser Trigger Photography

Now that we have successfully laid down the groundwork, it’s time for some creative applications of the laser mode. In this section, you will be using tons of creativity and imagination. Here are some fun things you can do with with the MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger’s laser mode:


Creative food photography

1. Creative food photography

You’ve seen product photos of beverages or sauces flying in the air. While this can be done manually without a camera trigger, it can take so much time to get a usable shot. Through the manual way of capturing this, you will set up your DSLR on burst mode, drop food into bowls of sauces, and hope for the best.

With a laser trigger, all you have to do is set up everything, take some trial shots, and successfully get your desired shots in a matter of minutes. All it takes is breaking the laser beam.

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Splash photography

2. Splash photography

Waterdrop and splash photography is possibly one of the trendiest photography niches there is, but it is also one of the hardest. Getting to a beautiful final shot can take hours upon hours of work. Just imagine having to adjust your camera’s shutter speed and manually dropping or splashing water around repeatedly. Thankfully, your camera’s laser trigger can dramatically help with cutting down the time you need to reach your desired results.



Controls every drop and your equipment with a great precision.


If you also want to take your splash photography to the next level, you can also invest in the MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit. It is a smartphone supported device that will give you control over water drop sizes and timing. With this and the MIOPS Smart+ in your photography arsenal, you will be able to take splash photography with precision.

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Wildlife Photography

3. Wildlife Photography

With a laser trigger available, you will finally be able to capture quick animals in photos. All you need to do now is go to their natural environments, set up your cameras and trigger, and wait for them to come into view. For this purpose, it may be best to set up MIOPS Smart+ to capture multiple frames every time the laser is broken. This will give you multiple options during post-processing.

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Action Photography

4. Action Photography

Your MIOPS Smart+ Camera Trigger will be super useful during sporting events. Using the laser mode, you will be able to take photos of high-speed actions from athletes, like a mid-air skateboarder, or a basketball player dunking on the ring. The key here is anticipating movement, so you could point your laser in the direction that it will happen.

Using the same principle, you can use the laser mode for studio shots that will require lots of movement from your models. Just like the other applications, you can simply set up the devices and leave the rest to MIOPS’s technology.

The beauty in laser mode photography is that you can pretty much leave the triggers to detect and capture high-speed movements, leaving you more time to focus on the more creative facets of photography. Remember that any accessory, whether it is the Smart+ Camera Trigger or another attachment to your camera, is just a tool. While the tech world has advanced so greatly in the last years, it still hasn’t figured out how to emulate a photographer’s expert eye for detail and taste for beauty. Your photographs will still rely on you for composition, lighting, and your understanding of what makes a photo compelling.

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