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Water Splash Photography with MIOPS Laser Trigger Mode

The laser mode of MIOPS Smart+ allows you to freeze the moment with some help from a strobe. The short flash duration will help you to stop the action. MIOPS Smart+ offers great accuracy as you can define a delay in milliseconds. This will enable you to capture not a random picture but what you exactly want. Our friend JayP Morgan has used MIOPS Smart+ laser trigger mode to do this stunning water splash photography. Let’s read further to find out how he did that.

Water Splash photography sample

Jay P Morgan,The Slanted Lens

JayP has taken the picture of a model as someone splashed water on her. The model was sitting on a stool, so he could adjust the light and reflections accordingly. You can use any color as a background. He preferred a blue backdrop.


MIOPS Smart+ has the most important role in this setup. It will be sitting on top of the camera at laser trigger mode. The laser beam will be aimed to MIOPS Smart+ and when water is splashed it will break the beam and MIOPS will trigger the camera. It is that simple.

The laser beam needs to be precisely aligned with MIOPS Smart+, so you may want to use clamp to hold the laser pointer. When the beam is perfectly aligned, you will see the LM sign on the setup menu as shown below. This means that you are ready to start.
MIOPS Laser Not MatchedMIOPS Laser Not Matched
Make sure that LM sign appears when the laser matched

You need to add a delay to the trigger because otherwise MIOPS Smart+ will trigger instantly and this can be too early. We want to see that the splash goes all the way through the picture. You can adjust the delay in milliseconds. In our case a delay of about 160 ms was perfect.

The fine tuning capability of MIOPS Smart+ allows you to get consistent results with your trials. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to get the exact timing for the correct position of the splash. Human reflexes are just too slow for that.

Jay P had to use three lights for this setup. One of is for key light, then the rim lights and finally we had alight against the background. Pocketwizard units helped him to trigger them wirelessly. Also, he has adjusted them to the lowest power to get the shortest flash duration. The shorter flash duration, the better picture. The camera will be in BULB mode with open shutter to eliminate shutter lag.

With this setup, Jay P had a lot of fun and captured some great images. MIOPS Smart+ will be your ultimate gadget to make some Stop Action pictures.

You can read full article here and watch the video below.