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How to Turn Your Regular Camera into a High-Speed Photography Equipment

How to Turn Your Regular Camera into a High-Speed Photography Equipment

High-speed photography is one of the most amazing reasons why people tend to take on photography as a hobby. Even for professionals, capturing the most elusive high-speed events is a huge item on their bucket list because aside from the thrill that they get from shooting these rare moments, they get to experience a glimpse of the world that is not easily perceived by the naked eye.

However, with all the fun and the excitement that photographers get from high-speed photography, why is it that not everyone is able to try it for themselves? The answer is simple: they get intimidated because of the belief that they either need to upgrade their current gear or they have to actually spend thousands of dollars just to get started.

The truth is, getting started on high-speed photography especially for hobbyists is not that hard and it doesn’t require you to needlessly spend more – as long as you have the right device for your camera.

The single device to rule them all.

camera trigger

Available in the market today is a powerful smart camera trigger that can easily transform your regular camera into a high-speed photography equipment. The good news is, it’s compatible with the most popular types of digital SLR regardless of the camera’s make and model.

There are many reasons why a smart camera trigger is a trusted device for beginners and professionals alike. Aside from being intuitive and versatile, it’s a single unit that is capable of making impossible shots possible – even with a normal camera. How?

Choosing a smart camera trigger with the following features can transform your regular camera into a powerful high-speed photography equipment.

1. Integrated light sensor

One of the most popular subjects in high-speed photography is lightning – and it’s also the most challenging event to capture because of two things: we react too slowly to click the shutter on time and second, unstable, shaky hands will just produce a blurry image.

A smart camera trigger will not give you superhuman powers to improve your stability nor give you faster reflexes – but it can definitely upgrade your camera’s capability to ensure that you capture every single shot of that rare and millisecond lightning burst.

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lightning photo

2. Laser-trigger technology

In high-speed photography, capturing a fast event is your number one priority – especially if you only have one chance to make it right. This is true for studio-controlled events such as synchronized droplets and water splash events. Learn how MIOPS Splash Waterdropkit works.



Controls every drop and your equipment with a great precision.


Can you imagine how your regular camera alone will fare when it comes to capturing the subjects mentioned above? Truthfully, it wouldn’t even do its job well no matter how a lucky shooter you are. However, with a smart camera trigger equipped with a laser-trigger technology, you’ll never have to worry about wasting your limited shots because you’ll get the timing right every time.

high-speed shots

3. Well-timed sound sensors

Watching a bursting balloon or a glass breaking with our naked eye doesn’t seem exciting, but capturing these events through a high-speed capable camera equipment can be the most mesmerizing thing that you’ll ever see.

Shooting loud events can easily be done with a good camera trigger, but is that really all that you need? Sometimes, being fast isn’t enough – you also need to be precise. How? You’ll need to get the timing right.

A smart camera trigger is not only capable of detecting loud events but it gives users the freedom to time their shots based on their preferences. It’s easy to capture a loud event but it’s not easy to get the perfectly unique shot that will make your output stand out.

Multiple-sensor activation

4. Multiple-sensor activation

As mentioned in the previous section, being fast won’t be enough – you also have to have the freedom to make the necessary adjustments depending on the current setting that you’re in. But can a single camera trigger unit do different things at once? Can your regular camera handle the unpredictable and often multi-layered demand of a specific scenario whether indoor or outdoor?
This is where a smart camera trigger stands out from other camera triggers in the market today. Combining multiple sensors in one setting to capture single to multiple shots of a high-speed event is a piece of cake as long as you choose the right trigger equipment. Once you do, you’ll be amazed at the things that your typical DSLR can do.



Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


5. Remote trigger capability

Imagine combining two of your most favorite devices: your camera and your smartphone to capture your most perfect shot? Imagine having the freedom to control your camera from a distance, allowing you to safely and accurately take your photos without the fear of a missed shot? Think about the possibilities controlling your digital SLR with just a swipe and a click?
The availability of these technologies working together can greatly improve your photography experience and at the same time, give you the power to be a one-man-army. It’s unbelievable how a single device can connect these already powerful devices to make the impossible possible.

6. Upgradable firmware

Turning your regular camera into a high-speed photography equipment can be achieved by acquiring a smart camera trigger that has the power to double and even triple the capabilities of your limited digital SLR. While several camera triggers in the market today offer the similar promises, there’s one thing that you should always keep in mind: the best smart camera trigger should be timeless, eternally relevant, and most importantly, should grow with you.

Some camera trigger devices don’t last the test of time because their firmware easily turns obsolete after years of service – and eventually becomes useless. This means that owners will need to purchase a newer and updated model, and it can be more expensive.

That is the reason why your smart camera trigger should be built on an upgradable firmware. Choosing the best camera trigger means choosing a companion for life, with the versatility to provide your regular camera with what it needs, and the longevity to grow and become a better version of what it once was – not to mention, for free.

Capturing the best images in a high-speed photography doesn’t have to break the bank. The lesson that you can learn from this article is, you don’t have to spend a lot just to turn your regular digital SLR into a powerful high-speed camera. The secret is, knowing where to start and finding the right device.

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