water drop photography

Every drop matters!

MIOPS SPLASH WATER DROP KIT controls every drop and your equipment with a great precision. This allows you to focus on creativity rather than time consuming routines of water drop photography

Splashes at your finger tips

MIOPS SPLASH is fully smartphone supported. You can change all of the settings remotely right from your smartphone. The Bluetooth connection makes the splash photography easier for you.

MIOPS SPLASH on smartphone

MIOPS Splash drop sizes control

Make every shot
the way you want!

Water drop photography is all about capturing the unique splash of the water drops. MIOPS SPLASH allows you to customize your splash with a full control of drop sizes and timings. You can both try the same scenario several times or just pick another one.

Control every bit of it!

MIOPS SPLASH offers the freedom to trigger either your flash or your camera. You can select the exact combination to capture the splash you always dreamed

Camera Setup

MIOPS SPLASH Water Drop Photography Kit Camera Setup

Flash Setup

MIOPS SPLASH Water Drop Photography Kit Flash Setup

Water drop photo

Uniqueness comes standard!

The fully customization options of MIOPS SPLASH will enable you to capture your unique water drop picture. Never settle with the standard splash pictures.


MIOPS SPLASH HOLDER KIT is the most convenient way of mounting the MIOPS SPLASH on a tripod. It gives you the flexibility on height and shooting angle of your water splashes.

Add to Cart 20 USD

MIOPS Splash Holder Kit

Water drop photography kit

Water drop photography has finally a MIOPS touch!

MIOPS SPLASH WATER DROP KIT will make you a pro in water drop photography. Let the magic begin!


Package Content:



1 x PC SYNC Cable



Customer Reviews

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Awesome product

December 4, 2018

The device works awesome. However I would suggest some improvements in the app. You could greatly enhance the user experience by adding an option to trigger the drop kit at user defined intervals with some incremental settings. For example if I want to increase the shutter delay I should have an option to take say 10 shots with everytime the shutter delay value incremented by say 10 ms or so. Please update this and it will be the best gadget in the world.

Ojas Narappanwar

MIOPS Products Rock

November 26, 2018

I’m in love with my Smart Trugger, but was hesitant on purchasing the Splash unit due to so many negative reviews. I debated for months but finally decided to bite the bullet and buy it. Glad I did. It’s functional and constant. I’ve got the 1st drip down pat. Still working on the other drips to get a umbrella effect but haven’t done it yet. That’s not the units fault. You have a million different combinations you can make and I haven’t found the right one yet. Still I liove working with it abs would recommend it highly. The MIPOS customer service is great too. They’re always glad to answer questions and help.



November 23, 2018

I have tested this machine for 2 days, day one was awesome, day 2 I had some glitches and battery level is at around 20%? it came with around 50% anyway.
there is an issue with sometimes the valve didn’t stop and water splashing everywhere.
I got some amazing shots that I always dreamt of, so this is why I named it the Dreamcatcher.
please check some shots that i have posted to

Asaad Saleh

Dream catcher

November 21, 2018

after waiting for years, Miops provided me with a budgetary tool that does the job, I have received my Kit last night and spend the whole night playing, it took me 38 min exactly from the first test to start capturing the drop on drop, once you know the trick it is easy to set up and playing around with the settings will provide you with different and awesome shots every time.
shipment was fast. quality of the items is fine.
I started with water on water, please check the link of the first shot hoping that I will do better later:

Asaad Saleh

Well Built.

November 13, 2018

The “Splash” is very well built and works well with the android phone app. My unit was received with the power switch on so I learned how to replace a dead battery right out of the box! A minor issue as I had the required 23A battery on hand. I highly recommend purchasing the “Splash Arm” as it makes set-up much easier. I can’t wait until my schedule opens up so I can do a more in-depth use of the product.


MIOPS Splash

November 9, 2018

Have only just received this unit, and so a bit early to say too much, but so far delighted with the product. Package arrived promptly after ordering. Have found it very easy to configure and setup. Looking forward to some extensive photography experimentation now that I understand the settings and operation of the unit.

David Croxford

wonderful product. water drop photography is easy and affordable

November 8, 2018

Very good product. Easy to set up and to use. Wonderful picture taken from the first day. intuitive and easy to use app.
My comment: not realistic to trigger camera only, not enough accurate. But works very well by triggerring both camera and flash.
Exactly the product I dreamt!

François Renard

Capturando Gotas.

November 4, 2018

Já tinha tentado capturar gotas antes de ter o MIOPS SPLASH mas não á possivel comparação !! Com o Miops e após os acertos das configurações das 1ª e da 2ª gota e embora esteja só a trabalhar com um flash externo comecei a criar imagens maravilhosas. Tambem gostaria de ver incluido na vossa página (se possivel) pormenores de configuração de como funcionam as 4 gotas em grupo e em cada disparo .

Licinio Antonio


November 3, 2018

Está bastante bien pero para tamaños pequeños de la segunda gota, noto que me se activa el retardo programado. Agradecería una información orientativa de configuración o un video demostrativo algo más detallado para configurarlo (Altura, tamaó de la primera gota, retardo, y así hasta poder controlar las cuatro gotas que se pueden controlar.

Vicente Peláez Valle

absolute stunning piece of equipment

November 3, 2018

love my miops trigger really easy to set up and use awsum sensors and works flawlessly


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