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10 Amazing Things You Can Do with a Motion Control Box

10 Amazing Things You Can Do with a Motion Control Box

Capturing videos and time-lapse images will never be the same again, thanks to the introduction of a versatile and compact rig that has changed the way movie-makers and videographers create their masterpieces: Capsule360, the motion control box.

As a product of creativity and technology that can forever transform your ordinary video-recording device into a professional gear, what are the things that you need to know about the powerful features of a highly-versatile motion box?

If you are still not familiar with what this new innovation in photography and videography can offer, this article will help you discover what you’ve been missing.

Here are the amazing things that you can do with a motion control box.


1. You can be a one-man army and still deliver high-quality output.

The delicate balance and stability that a motion box can give you when it comes to shooting videos are just two of the many advantages that you can enjoy with this device. Who would have thought that someday like today, you can finally shoot quality and shakes-free videos without the need for expensive rigs and bigger crew?

You will no longer need an army just to film and capture videos because of the different options and intuitive functions that you can choose from for a perfectly high-quality shoot.


2. You can enjoy multiple functions with just a single device.

The primary feature of a motion box is to provide your video-recording devices (smartphone, digital SLR, and other compatible units) with a stable and highly-adaptive rig to move, glide, tilt and slide depending on the demand of the shoot. With a motion box, a single device offers multiple options and functions such as Slide, Pan, and Tilt motions.

Whether it is for product photography, astrophotography, panorama or time-lapse shoot, a motion box has everything you’ll ever need.


3. Achieve single to multiple axis movements.

A typical motion box will allow you to achieve different camera movements like Pan, Tilt, and Slide, but a smart and intuitive motion box can do more than that. Specialized motion boxes have the ability to combine two or more axis movements (Pan-Slide, Pan-Tilt, etc.) Combining three motions (Pan-Slide-Tilt) is also possible, and controlling these motions accurately and at a perfect timing is not impossible.

With a smartphone device, you’ll be able to adjust, combine, and set up the timing that is right for you – without the need for cables.

motion control box

4. You can finally master that perfect 360-degree time-lapse shoot.

Imagine a device that can help you achieve the rare and magnificent shot of a motion time-lapse? With motion box, you can finally transform your imagination into a reality – thanks to its rotating time-lapse function and highly-advanced time-lapse features like Speed Ramping, Bulb Ramping, and even Long Exposure as well as HDR Time-lapse settings.


5. Make use of its intuitive and smart motion sensors.

A high-quality and innovative motion box has the ability to interact with other smart devices like your smartphone via Bluetooth connection, in order to learn specific motion paths and manual movements set by the user. It’s the best example of how a machine learns and interacts with its users, analyzing and remembering manually set movement for present and future use.


6. A motion box has highly-sensitive sensors to track movements.

Tracking moving subjects is one of the most exciting features that a motion box can offer to its users. With a single touch through a mobile application connected to a motion box, your camera can be set and controlled to automatically track moving objects.

Select the specific object that you want to track and this intuitive device will do its job with the highest quality and accuracy – keeping the marked, moving subject in its view at all times.

motion control box


7. Witness the mesmerizing night sky with its astrophotography setting.

If the night sky fascinates you and you want to finally capture the celestial patterns in action, a motion box can help you create the most mesmerizing time-lapse video of the stars. Thanks to its functions and settings that perfectly cater to the demands of astrophotography, you can activate its star-tracking feature.

Mount your camera on a motion box capable of star tracking and witness the magnificence of the night sky. A motion box will help you accurately track and capture sharp and detailed photos of the stars – without relying on heavy and expensive camera rigs.

8. Connect a motion box to your smart device via Bluetooth.

Upgrade the power and double the capabilities of your motion box by connecting it to your smartphone device – wirelessly through Bluetooth. How? By just downloading and running its mobile application, you can easily enjoy the best of what these technologies have to offer. Through your phone, you can have the freedom to adjust the speed and the direction of your camera’s motion rig.

miops mobile app

9. Shoot product-photography like a professional.

A motion box can be used with other devices to deliver the best results, and one perfect example is how combining this already intuitive device with a practical tool can be a great factor in shooting professional quality product photography.

With a turntable accessory and its rotating function, you can capture 360-degree product photos hassle-free. As the turntable rotates, at the same time, your camera automatically takes the photos according to your adjusted timing and settings.

Whether it is a smartphone or a digital SLR, it won’t matter as long as you have these two devices around.

product photography


10. Bring them anywhere, wherever your passion takes you.

Because a motion box is a portable device that can easily fit right into your camera bag, you can take it anywhere – without worrying about battery life even for longer shoots outdoors.

A motion box can be as light as 250 grams each, with a width of over 10 cm and a height of over 7 cm. Since this device is not demanding when it comes to power and energy, its battery life can last to up to 8 hours when used for video recording. For capturing time-lapse sequences, a motion box can last up to 7 days without charging.




World’s most versatile and compact motion box ever created!


Capsule360, the world’s most intuitive and versatile motion box

Unlike other motion box brands available in the market, Capsule360 has the power and flexibility to answer to the modern demands of videography and time-lapse sequence shoot. As a single unit, it offers multiple modes that support 3-axis motion options like SLIDE, TILT, and PAN.

Capsule360 does more than just movement. It also enables your camera to track objects through its Smart Object Tracking function. Moreover, true to its name, It makes 360° product photography a walk in the park, thanks to its unique turntable accessory.

Whether it is reaching for the starts in astrophotography, to perfecting your time-lapse shoots, Capsule 360 offers limitless possibilities.

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