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15 High-Speed Photography Articles You Should Read

15 High-Speed Photography Articles You Should Read

High-Speed Photography

Taken by Chris Klüpfel

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably one of the many shutterbugs who want to explore the challenging but fascinating world of high-speed photography. While it can be intimidating for most beginners, let this article tell you that your every effort to fully master this photography technique is worth it.

Here are the best and most informative high-speed photography articles that you should read today.


1. A Brief History of High-Speed Photography 1851-1930 by Lincoln L. Endelman

Where did it all begin? You might think that high-speed photography was only a product of the latest technology in the digital camera industry today, but did you know that the birth of this photography technique can be traced back to 1951?

This article tells the story of how high-speed photography came to be and how it evolved over the years.


2. How to do High-Speed Photography – the Fundamentals by Ramakant Sharda

Becoming an expert in any skill or hobby requires learners to master and review the fundamentals – and the world of photography follows the same rule.

This article by the writer and photographer Ramakant Sharda carefully outlines the basics and essential fundamentals of doing high-speed photography especially for aspiring beginners who want to hone their skills in this particular technique.


3. A Beginner’s Guide to High-Speed Photography by Rick Ohnsman

You don’t have to be a professional photographer nor a camera expert to explore the world of high-speed photography. With the right knowledge and proper guidance, even beginners can be the best at this type of photography –of course, as long as you have the most reliable tools to do the job.

This article will tell you where to start and what you’ll need in your camera bag to be successful even in your first shoots.


4. How To Take High-Speed Photography by New York Film Academy

People used to believe that high-speed photography is not for everyone. While it’s relatively true, it is actually possible to try this photography technique and be really good at it – even if you don’t have the most expensive camera gear out there.

Take a look and learn from this interesting article published by the New York Film Academy and take your photography game to the next level.


5. 8 Amazing Photography Tricks You Can Do With a High-Speed Camera Trigger by Ramakant Sharda

Buying your first high-speed camera trigger is just half of the process if you want to actually get the most out of such amazing device. So what else do you need and how can you benefit from the other half?

This article that shows the amazing photography tricks and tips that you can do with your camera trigger will answer that question.


6. Fundamentals of High-Speed Photography by MIOPS

If you want to become a true master of high-speed photography, you should always start with the basics and remember the fundamentals that make this technique one the most favorite among beginners and professionals.

Let this article from our own blog teach you the fundamental knowledge and concepts that will help you appreciate high-speed photography even more.




Take impossible photos by turning your camera into a high-speed capture device!


7. High-Speed Photography 101 by MICHAEL GABRIEL

If your goal as a photographer is to capture high-speed events and objects in motion, then this article will tell you more about your favorite photography technique and how you can expand your knowledge for this fascinating hobby.

From setting up the correct shutter speed for every high-speed scenario, adjusting camera flash settings, and preparing the best equipment set up, this article will serve as your guide.


8. Review: The MIOPS Smart Trigger Makes High-Speed Photography a Snap by LAYA GERLOCK

MIOPS Smart camera trigger delivers its promise to make high-speed photography a piece of cake while producing high-quality output – and this is just what professional photographer Laya Gerlock’s review confirms: MIOPS is the most versatile and powerful camera trigger in the market today and adding it in your camera bag will be the best decision that you’ll ever make.


9. Freezing Time: 80 Inspiring Examples of High-Speed Photography by Peter Sawyer

Want to find out why many beginner and professional photographers would do anything to hone their skills in high-speed photography? These out of this world images captured through the different high-speed photography techniques are more than enough to answer your question.


10. Photo Tutorial & Gallery | How to photograph lightning at night by Nick Ulivieri

If you’re new to Lightning Photography, you are probably one of the many who found out the hard way that capturing mesmerizing lightning bursts is not that easy – unless you have the right tools and you’re using the proper techniques.

Let this article by Nick Ulivieri teach you how to efficiently and successfully photograph lightning in the city night sky.


11. How I photographed the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch with sound-triggered cameras by KEVIN LISOTA

Smart camera triggers do not only offer creative and limitless possibilities when capturing high-speed events in the wild or in a photo studio. It’s also a trusted and reliable tool when shooting risky and once in a lifetime photo opportunity such as a historic rocket launch.

Read how Kevin Lisota successfully captured SpaceX Falcon Heavy’s recent launch to space through a Smart camera trigger in this very interesting article.


12. How To Photograph Hummingbirds With A Laser Trigger By Rajib Mukherjee

Here’s one interesting and fun way to use your camera trigger, especially if you’re a bird lover: photograph hummingbirds in action. With the right camera equipment and proper timing, you will be able to easily capture these graceful creatures in their mesmerizing dance mid-air.

Let this article by Rajob Mukherjee teach you how.


13. High-Speed Photography – Shooting A Light Bulb With A BB Gun (And A Camera)

High-speed photography allows you to capture something chaotic and turn it into something beautiful – and this is true if you’re shooting a glass shattering mid-air and freezing the moment just as it breaks in millisecond speed.

This article will take you back to your childhood as it explores the fun and exciting photo opportunities that you can get from the things you find at home: an old light bulb, a BB Gun, and your digital SLR.


14. How to Create Beautiful Color Sculptures Using the Sound by MIOPS

Art takes in many forms. Combined with your skills as a photographer, you can take your creativity to the next level just by adding one important device to your full camera set up: MIOPS Smart camera trigger.

Create unique, artistic and magical from real-life objects in motion like these color sculptures captured through MIOPS’ Sound Trigger function.


15. How to Do Popping Balloon Photography by MIOPS

Balloons are a well-beloved party staple for both children and adults, adding fun and flavor to most celebrations year round – but the fun stops when they finally burst. While bursting balloons can cause panic to anyone near enough to hear its loud bang, most photographers find this event a great photo opportunity that should not be missed.

Balloon photography is a popular type of high-speed photography, and having the right camera equipment can make this seemingly difficult technique a piece of cake.



Although these articles are useful in helping you understand and appreciate high-speed photography, there are still a lot of things to explore. However, these are the things that you now have to discover for yourself, through your personal journey as a photographer.

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